5137060+_12050d8db6e66431feaf82b91ffb1a8eWelcome gentle readers, contributors, haters and fans to “2014, this Year in review.”

This year we graduated from a blog to a dedicated domain name but still in a blogish format to “keep it real” lol. A special thanks to one of our anonymous contributors (we know and you know who you are) for sorting that out for us.

Thanks to all those who contribute on a regular (and irregular) basis. Welcome also to new readers and friends (facebook group and twitter) as well as those who have resurfaced after going underground. Its been an interesting year with a steady increase in activism on all fronts and walks of life. It’s refreshing to see all sorts of folks take an active interest in the world and start participating in this fragile experiment we call “democracy”.

Below are just a few of the articles that seemed to have had the most impact (and or “hits”) on the site including leading news stories.

1/ Islamic terrorism 

ISIS,IS or ISIL (take a pick) dominated the news of the later part of the year. Still not sure how it all fits into the grand scheme for the middle east or just old fashioned “blowback” from U.S. sponsored actions in Syria. The actions of IS in northern Iraq have become a lightning rod for every would be jihadi as well as other westerners seeking a worthwhile fight against them. There has also been a rise in lone wolf terrorism of those doing terrorist strikes with little or no apparent connection to terrorist groups at large. Needless to say 2014 has seen a rapid rise in terrorist actions.  Seems at the end of 2014 IS is “cleaning house” of the “Terror Tourists“. These guys keep putting me in the mind of a newer Khmer Rouge, of which did turn out later to have U.S. connections…..huh go figure!


Gotta say that 2014 has had more protests globally then I have seen in a long time. Everything from police brutality to corporatism to government corruption. To many of my fellow researchers who still use the “sheeple” euphemism “these people are waking up” and in much larger numbers than any of us could have expected. However expect some push back by governments (and visa vis the armies of lobbyists- see “revolving door politics“) and vested interests. Net Neutrality was also a big one this year as well!!!

The top rated articles from the EvS site as per hits for 2014-

3/Bohemian GroveThis article has turned into our number one draw this year and I will be revisiting this one with new content in the new year.“The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it’s just terrible! I mean I won’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”—President Richard M. Nixon on the Watergate tapes, Bohemian Club member starting in 1953. The Club Med for those who are the real movers and shakers (aka powerbrokers)

Sailor-Moon-Crystal-Inner-Senshi-Featured-Image4/Japanese School Girl PornoWhat started as a joke between Mr.K and I threatened to become the post that at the blog. I think that most came for something else but stayed for the article, at least according to bounce and return stats. If you haven’t read it please do. Its NOT pornographic but does address some very strange fetishes.

5/Shadows of MK ULTRAwith an increase in awareness of this sinister program, especially the “mind control” portion, there’s alot of connections coming to light and it really is frightening just how far reaching and the influence this program still has today.

6/ The CIA distributes and sells drugsagain more evidence through FOI requests, archives and dying spooks is showing just how far some intelligence agencies will go to get their “black budget” funding for special projects. With little to no oversight of some of these black operations we have “public servants” making policy instead of the those we elected.

727860mainstream_2/Honorable mentionswith a bit of a nod to the mainstream news I will mention a few stories that also had traction with our readers (no not the fucking Kardashians): NOTE- be sure to check out (and support if you have the means) PROJECT CENSORED. Project Censored I feel is probably one of the last hopes of keeping main stream media to task. They also support independent media and get many important stories out that might not otherwise make it.

8/-Ebola yeah the story that sold a million prepper (survivalist) products. Not to say we shouldn’t be prepared (we should!) but don’t let fear be the motivator. Of note though what I still think was connected was Dr.Richard Rockefeller‘s apparent “accidental death”

anonpic9/Hacking/Internet white,black,grey,etc: 2014 has been a year for hackers and hacktivists as well as those who hate em. Interestingly though it’s not really been a hot year for viruses or malware, or is it that we just see these things as background noise when there are bigger concerns these days? We did an article on Electronic Self Defense for those who need to know their options in an increasingly interesting cyber world. TOR users beware the FBI has been onto Tor for quite awhile. Here is a neat real-time globe showing attacks and activity in the cyber world. North Korea stepped in it with the #sonyhack as soon as they threatened attacks if the studios screened “The Interview“, a spoof at the expense of North Korea’s leader. However Sony had a crap ton of unsecured information that has been released by the (presumably) North Korean hackers.

Estonia is now offering “E-citizenship” to anyone even non-Estonians! Sounds weird but true.

10/Malaysian Airlines flight 370an entire passenger plane disappears. Problem is there’s too many nosy people to just make up a simple story for a cover up. It also exposed that there is some weird behind the scenes shit between the U.S. and Malaysia.  Im sure that if there is anything fishy about this that those who have anything to lose will make sure the truth never comes to light. Another flight crashed from the same area in December of this year. This time the flight was found along with the bodies but as at the time of this writing the fate of 370 is unknown. Seems coincidental in such a short space of time another passenger flight goes down and in the same area…….

SITREP- where we are now
Plenty of other stories out there so be sure to tune in here as well as join up on the Facebook group and on Twitter for developments. Also be sure to tune in with Patrolling with Sean Kennedy (everything from knives to selecting good gear and how to pick locks!) and Conspiracy Cafe (for the really in-depth and detailed look down the rabbit hole) as excellent sources of information. Kount Kreepy is still specializing in all things horror (and other weirdness) but has focused more so on his Twitter account. Our good friend John Cozzoli of “From Zombo’s Closet” is still our number one go to guy for all things classic horror. John also specializes in Mexican horror and presents many hard to find press kits from back in the day for horror and sci-fi films.  There is also the EvS Pinterest page that has lots of great pictures and posters.

I’ve endeavored to do a few lighter articles highlighting our love for the trashy and strange (see our 8 track series of articles),as Thom suggested so our readers don’t feel too bummed out from reading just how bad it really is out there.

But have hope, things are changing… mostly for the better but we’ll be hear just in case anyway.

For more “advanced” studies of bigger picture concerns and just how the “big boys” are trying to shape our society and world check out Alan Watt. His prediction rate is extremely high in picking out future events, he is not here to entertain and his material does require ones attention as well as a certain level of understanding (would be helpful) of social science, history and politics. Granted I don’t agree with everything that Alan purports but I agree with enough of it to promote it here. Again I suggest Alan’s presentations are not for mass consumption, take lots of notes and as always cross reference everything! Alex Jones is good for those who don’t have enough time to dig to deeply but still want to have an idea of what’s going on. He comes across like a TV wrestler but his heart is in the right place.
Just to be “The Devil’s Advocate” check out Rational Wiki time to time for an opposing opinion to “conspiracy” sites and speakers.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary

      “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” -John Phillpot Curran -Irish lawyer and politician c.1790


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