Programed killers, MK ULTRA, serial killers belonging to cults just how far down does the rabbit hole to hell go? 

Recently RT News reported that detainees in Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility were being drugged with mind altering chemical drugs as reported by some former detainees and outlined in U.S. government documents themselves. Other documents involving mind control can be found here.

(at left Charles Manson, leader of the Mason Family cult)


So whats one got to do with any of the others? Well many years ago (and still ongoing) Operations such as ARTICHOKE , MKULTRA, PROJECT 112/SHAD involved the use of experimental psychiatric/mind altering drugs. After the 1970s inquiries one in particular the Church Commission most folks thought aha its exposed and we’ll never see it again. How wrong they were, it kept going on just in different places under different names. To what end? Well for bending minds and wills of course. Use of enhanced interrogation techniques and creating programmed assassins or at the least people willing to do what you want them to do. Other official documents here.

It was discovered during the MK ULTRA research ( the brainwashing end of it was just a part of the overall research) that when a person is exposed to traumatic events a split personality  (such as child abuse) can be achieved it is one of the personalities that the CIA wanted to train to perform whatever tasks and then forget it happened. Like having a mental on/off switch they could use with coded phrases or particular smells.

But where do you get enough people to step forward to “volunteer” for these experiments. Well you need people who cant fight back and cant go anywhere and even if they do get away nobody will believe them like prisoners or children and elderly and people in mental hospitals. Initially they ( I will use they for CIA and military industrial complex responsible for these criminal activities) used adults but then switched over to children when they were found to be more mailable and able to be trained better.

(Capt.Kearns Ft.Bragg 1969)

Alright so now we get into the serial killers ( thanks for sticking with us so far it gotten a bit weird already). Many serial killers after being taken into custody and being interrogated have some amazingly similar stories as to their backgrounds and cult involvement. Im putting forward that some of these killers were wayward ” killbots” of various MK ULTRA ( and later PROJECT MONARCH) groups that were let loose but still under observation/control to be used in particular situations to get rid of people that “they” don’t want around anymore or are threats. Just to name a few Son of Sam, Charles Manson, Charles Whitman, etc. There is an excellent series of videos laboriously done available on youtube titled “Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up”. I don’t agree with everything in these films but there is quite alot there to give pause for thought with plenty of compelling evidence.

And how to cover up any kind of government connections? It wasn’t the CIA still doing illegal mind control it was a cult or serial killers. Because let’s face it who is going to believe a nut job serial killer or kooky cult member? 

For instance the so called Helter Skelter murders of Sharon Tate and her guests at a party on August 9th, 1969. The leader of a cult responsible for those murders ,called the Manson Family,Charles Manson is still in jail even though he never actually killed anyone. There are connections with Charles Manson and MK ULTRA. As well Sharon Tate had her own connections as an actress being involved in work at the Lookout Mountain Laboratory in Laurel Canyon (where film-work for MK-ULTRA documentation was also processed). A weird name for a film studio, especially considering it was government owned. But even stranger is this area seems to be a common thread in alot of strange murders, child abductions and a common tie between many Hollywood celebrity types of the time. Laurel Canyon was like a lightning rod of the so called counter culture in the 1960’s to bad it was controlled culture and distribution center for drugs.

So is all this a part of an evil consortium of Satan worshipers. I don’t think so just a bunch of good ole power hungry psychopaths who don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. The satanic cult end of things is just for the gullible and to give it a coherent organization. Just because it’s an evil religion doesn’t mean the same control mechanisms or all organized religion don’t apply, just attracts a different kind of participant more suited to their purposes. In reality the powers that be behind it are more like a sickening insect with no compassion or empathy for their fellow man, there’s no feelings behind it just a sense of entitlement and a willingness to do whatever it takes. The end justifies the means for these people.

The use of children in the whole MKULTRA and later PROJECT MONARCH through cults is more widespread than we would know of. Its not just the rag at the grocery store of a sensationalized story and has more weight than anyone would like to acknowledge. The power elites have strange tastes (like the Romans of old) and there are various instances of this. For instance the Franklin Cover Up. Instances of institutionalized abuse of children, satanic rites, child prostitution and then when exposed threats from government agents ( FBI, etc not men in black types) to keep silent.


There is no shortage of government involvement in training mass murderers, just take a look at the infamous “death squads” of central american infamy,Pheonix Program in Vietnam, Jonestown Massacre or trained murderers of Operation Gladio. Serial killing on an industrial scale.

There is simply too much material to give the entire topic the coverage it needs and this article is only a very short summary. Stay tuned for more indepth coverage in future articles. -EvS

UPDATE: Sept 2012

Of another note in the vein of this article:

Sirhan B. Sirhan had the name of Albert De Salvo aka The Boston Strangler, in his notebooks although he claimed not to have known him. 

A Dr. William J. Bryan(Jr.) had said on the Ray Briem Show, KABC radio station, after the RFK Assassination and said “the suspect (Sirhan) had probably been acting under post-hypnotic suggestion.” Dr. Bryan at the time was the founder and executive of the American Institute of Hypnosis. Interestingly this is the same doctor who had hypnotized De Salvo to “find out what he knew”.
(at left Albert De Salvo)

Later in 1977 Dr. Bryan (Jr.) had spoken with a researcher asking about Sirhan to which he replied “I’m not going to comment on that case because I didn’t hypnotize him“. Was that a slip? Did Dr.Bryan have some other knowledge? Maybe someone thought so as he wound up dead a short time later in a Las Vegas hotel room of alleged “natural causes”. Call girls later came forward saying that he had bragged about having hypnotized Sirhan.

In 1991(?) a Dr. William Kroger– a bigshot hypnotist– had said to author Philip Melanson for his book “Who Killed Robert Kennedy (1993) in regards to Dr.Bryan ” had an interest in the links between mystical orders and hypnosis”. OK so not something Im bringing to a grand jury the guy just had an interest in cults and hypnois so whats the big deal. Well with academics of that caliber its not like mentioning “Joe liked to knit doilies in his spare time”, it means there was serious time and effort involved. Also of note Dr.Kroger worked with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit and the LAPD as a consultant. Needless to say in trying to dig up information LAPD (and some would say the FBI) has a long and sordid history of burying and destroying evidence and connections with the CIA.

So again we find connections between cults, serial killers, political assassins and the system. Overall the many facts by themselves don’t warrant anything but put together I think you have a compelling case.

Yet another door (or window) into the strange hall of mirrors known as MK ULTRA and its successors. Thanks for tuning in.  -EvS

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