Yes kids the CIA sells drugs and chances are pretty damned good that if someone you know is hooked on crack,coke or heroin the CIA is making money from their misery. 

Pisses me off losing friends to drugs and putting ten years of my life into the service to have the “Christians in Action” (aka Central Intelligence Agency) sell drugs as part and parcel of their covert operations. The whole war on drugs is bullshit as we’ve outlined before. The world’s banks are in on it as well.
Some operations outlined in the film below such as OP Amadeus ,OP Pegasus or OP Watchtower were just a few that have become known of late as drug running operations by the CIA ( it actually goes a lot further back but more on that later). We also have some sources willing to discuss their experiences in Afghanistan (ie CIA airfield in Kandahar ) and Central America that we will be interviewing in future articles to further expose this so called “war on drugs” and how its really just a sickening cycle of control by world elites in order to advance their own agenda

Have any doubts? That’s a good thing however just take a look at the so called “King of Crack” also known as the Walmart of Crack distribution, “Freeway Rick” Ross. Rick was a pawn in the CIA’s crack distribution scheme but as evidence of that scheme came out he was able to use that to get his sentence reduced.

Afghanistan– before the U.S. led invasion opium production was almost wiped out by the Taliban. Since the invasion…….. numbers range between 75 to 90 percent of the world’s opium and heroin are now produced there!

To say the CIA has overstepped their mandate is underwhelming to say the least. Since Eisenhower’s monster has broken it’s bounds it remains to be seen if it can ever go back in it’s cage. The following video called “CRACK The CIA” is an excellent video covering CIA drug dealing.


Barry Seal is a prominent figure in this story. Mr. Seal is an extremely interesting character and would have been an even bigger wealth of knowledge (than he was) if he hadn’t been gunned down.  Barry (along with Lee H. Oswald another David Ferry protege!) is also one of those key pieces in a very scary jig saw puzzle of government corruption and intrigue.

More on Barry Seal 

Barry also had ties to Operation 40 – also tied into the whole JFK Assassination (and Anti-Castro ops). Another example of the CIA run amok making its own policies. Below alleged photograph of Operation 40 members taken at a nightclub in Mexico City January 22nd, 1963 (Mexico City at that time was the operations hub for the CIA).


***note: Trying to identify all of these guys in this picture -apparently all Operation 40 members. Seems to be some disagreement over Frank Sturgis or Tosh Plumlee as the guy holding coat over his lower face. Just trying to fill in the blanks and have no fish to fry as I can and have changed my conceptions with new evidence has come to light. Thanks in advance to any help members can give. Thanks. Will update picture with further ID’s.***

Seems though that CIA’s precursor the OSS of WW2 fame (besides setting up Operation Gladio-or “Stay behind operations”) were into the drug distribution game. 

The O.S.S. allegedly had drug networks in China through the “Flying Tigers“. Created and run by Allen Dulles -of the Directorate of Covert Actions(- and latter head of CIA who was fired by JFK) running support for  and Chiang-Kai-Shek (The Chinese Nationalist Leader), using Burmese heroin (imported  by another OSS office to Shanghai via the “Burma Road“).

During the war Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lanski assisted the OSS in intelligence (for invasion of Sicily and later Italy-operation Husky) drug distribution as well as assassinations.

Lets also not forget that Great Britain in it’s empire heyday had fought 2 wars against China to make sure it was able to keep selling opium to China’s people!

So next time you hear some bullshit about fighting against drugs on a government level realize its just smoke and mirrors (wow 2 drug references there,lol), a dog and pony show for the public. Because in the big scheme of things drugs make the world go round as much as oil or war. 

Thanks for tuning in. Evil von Scarry

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