We’d ask Alice but she don’t live here no more. Sure you see the body blink, breath, etc but what was Alice has long gone.

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles on mind control schemes such as ARTICHOKE, MK ULTRA, MONARCH, et all.

This article was hard for me to write as I grew up with a lot of this music and had profound respect for the musicians involved. At first I wanted to just “bin it” as conspiracy crap. But sometime we have to challenge our illusions on what we think we know and see how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Been doing some reading on Laural Canyon as it seems to pop up time to time on various media when a commentator is discussing “the 60’s” and influential music groups (actually goes on before and since then). Frank Zappa, The Doors and many other big name groups of the “alternative scene” in the 1960’s, Hippies, Charles Manson, MK ULTRA, LSD…. oddly enough have a common hub known as “Laurel Canyon” which hosted many big names over the years (California,USA). It’s a big puzzle piece in the bigger picture in the whole MK ULTRA picture.

So what is the deal with this place? Is it a coincidence that all these people and events tie into one area? Some of my colleagues would say it is by design and it’s no mistake. Situated in the Hollywood Hills and near Beverly Hills in the Greater Los Angeles area it would seem like an odd area for a “counter culture” movement of non materialist “Hippies”. Peace, Love and granola. Seems great, free love and smile upon your brother and all that good jazz…… of course though was the darker side of this “movement”. Home of the (in)famous Laurel Canyon Laboratory (and film studio). Hollywood celebs such as Marilyn Monroe and Ronald Reagan  had clearance to work on undisclosed projects there. 
I’ve asked quit a few folks (and former activists) from this time (late 60’s and 70’s) “it looked like you almost won, what happened?!”. Almost everyone of them are at a loss (yeah insert drug joke here), some offer that it just petered out or mention drugs getting in the way or “real life”.

I assert that there are those with the background, funding and ideas that got the ball rolling but also made sure that it was a controlled game.
 “The Powers the Be” got things rolling, let it run amok for awhile and then reigned it in. Certain changes were made (albeit some unintentional) but by no means was it to be any kind of real “revolution”. The game was rigged from the start. I will try to be brief and keep things in a blog format, one of these days I got to write a book like 10 Million other aspiring writers out there lol, but there will be links throughout this article for those wishing to read more in-depth. Laurel Canyon as previously discussed has connections with MK ULTRA and also known as the “womb” of the 60’s counter culture movement alongside San Francisco.
 Neil Sanders (researcher and lecturn) has some excellent research that touches on this for getting more in-depth.

In this particular article we’ll be focusing on some of the “beautiful people” of that time. Looking into the backgrounds of many of the popular hero’s and icons of the “Hippie Movement” reveals some extremely unlikely connections. For instance how many kids of intelligence agency workers become pop or rock sensations as compared to say a mechanics kid or a dentist? A disproportionate amount it would seem. Also look into the Club 27 or Forever 27 members list. A really weird coincidence that too many musicians all seem to meet untimely deaths at the age of 27! But that’s almost a topic on it’s own. Here are just a few of the more famous Laurel Canyon residents connected with this time period.

Jim Morrison (of The Doors). This man was iconic , his face was on  almost more shirts then (and now) than Che Guevera. Turns out his father was an Admiral deeply involved in the intelligence world. Rear Admiral George Stephen “SteveMorrison. Jim also attended UCLA as a film student (another connection with his father and Lookout Mountain Laboratory) the same university that’s participation in MK ULTRA is an infamous fact. However lot’s of people went there and had no connection whatsoever. But given his background it is interesting.  Jim Morrison’s life and death (still till this day a mystery in it’s own right) have eerie connections to MK ULTRA. Club 27 member.

Frank Zappa- another “base brat”. His father Francis Zappa (a chemical warfare specialist) was assigned to Edgewood Arsenal which was one of the main facilities for MK ULTRA. Frank’s first wife Gail Zappa (and worked as a secretary at Office of Naval Research and Development) comes from a long line of naval intelligence (multi generational) and ironically attended school with Jim Morrison in elementary school. But that’s just another coincidence….right? In fairness to Frank though I think he tried to do the right thing later in life but who knows really.

The Mama’s and the Papa’s- specifically John Phillips. Family came from clandestine work background in US doing overseas work. John and Cass (aka Mama Cass) also had good ole Charlie (Charles Manson) over for visits and knew him well. Chuckie also frequented the Zappa household. John Phillips sister was also a Pentagon worker for over 30 years. That in itself is no big deal but again is interesting. Phillips also attended various military prep schools.

David Crosby (of Crosby,Stills,Young,Nash)– another military intelligence son alongside Stills. Interestingly the song Bluebird (another MK ULTRA Codename) was a famous one for these guys. Bluebird was a part of MK ULTRA that created multiple personalities in an attempt to program one of the personalities to do dirty work and then the other personalities would forget about the deed. Kinda creepy when you look at the lyrics in context with the material. But then again its a “conspiracy blog” take of it what you will. 

Brian and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys– these guys hung out with Charles Manson (well Dennis did mostly) and Brian even produced some of Manson’s music. The family other than their father being a music producer had no military connections that I could find.

Also of note were Jimi Hendrix and The Byrds as well as others. For more details check out Inside Laurel Canyon ( a series of articles ) by Dave McGowen. -EvS

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