Nobody gave a shit about either Iran or Syria much in the past so why these last few years the big push to go to war with these countries? Is it because Iran may develop atomic weapons? Or for humanitarian reasons in Syria? Hardly humanitarian nobody gave a crap the last 40 years or so.

Now Iran developing nuclear fissionable materials could be cause for concern to many of its neighbours but despite western media “opinion”, Iran is a stable country. Its alot more stable then say countries like Pakistan where the powers that be had no problem with that backwater having nukes…. does nobody ever to stop to ask why that is? Its called an AGENDA. It fits a plan. For instance Pakistan having nukes keeps India honest and in control and oddly enough keeps things quid pro quo in that area.

Iran having nuclear capability does not fit the U.S./Israeli agenda and plans for the middle east region as seen below:

the image above and accompanying article can be found at the Armed Forces Journal here. (NOTE: since I first put this out there the link has been taken down by the AFJ- reference to it can still be found on Global Research article here– EvS, 2013-Sept-6) Interesting to say the least. Problem is though to have any kind of war you need public support. So the great media machine is doing what it can in the west to ratchet up the rhetoric to get any kind of military action in either Iran or Syria or both would be great for bankers and their NWO ilk.

Let’s take a look back and check out some of the hits , media wise, where things tried to get kicked off:

Adel al-Jubeir assassination plot–   date-    we knew this one was a turkey right off the bat, and thankfully so did the American public. And to think President Obama was all hot and ready to address Congress over it and get the war rolling. Nobody bought into it though.

American backpackers “kidnapped by Iran” – what kind of a fucking twit goes backpacking in a warzone (ie northern kurdistan/iran)? you idiots had it coming. its like people who hop trains and then wonder why one of them falls and gets their legs cut off. utter stupidity. but again the rest of us must have thought so as well no war.

They stole our stealth drone!– granted it was flying over their territory, how dare they take away our toys! Even if we were spying on them.

Economic Embargo’s – they arent working and just short change the regular people and China and India wont stop buying Iranian gas and oil just because the U.S. says so.

RT has a pretty good commentator who spells it out well

And of course the oil prices go up due to all of these actions and threats. They only people winning on this one is the international bankers and oil companies.

Even better, blaming Iran for 9-11! Nobody bought this one either.

And now for Syria:

The CFR has already given out its marching orders. 
The Syrian regime is to be toppled.  The big problem with so the Arab Rising is that they are getting in “Arabist” or “Islamist” leaning parties, you know representative of the people there and not the puppets on a string the western elites want in. Well folks just keep an eye out on this situation and take any so called news from there with a very healthy dose of salt, realize that there are some pretty big movers and shakers that want nothing short of a big war in that area to increase their profits and control! – eVs

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