Most readers already know about the “mass suicide” of the Peoples Temple and its leader the Rev.Jim Jones. Commonly accepted history tells us in short:

1/Peoples Temple moved to Guiana
2/Senator Leo Ryan shows up to investigate alleged abuse of followers there
3/He and his entourage gets killed (some survive) after they go to leave
4/Peoples Temple members and leader commit suicide
news at eleven: “crazy cult kills themselves and the Senator”.
(at left iconic sign at Jonestown )
That pretty well sums up the common knowledge. What about the survivors? Who is the Dwyer guy (alleged CIA employee) that Jones mentions in his taped speeches, saying “..get Dwyer out of here..” while the suicides were going on? What about the CIA/MKULTRA connections? Did you know there was a lawsuit from survivors? Jones had a “201 file”(CIA employee file-his handler Dan Mitrione)? A U.S. Special Forces team went in after the massacre to check it out? Autopsies carried out on the scene actually proved out murder and not suicide. Many of the members were part of a rehab clinic with ties to DARPA and MK-ULTRA?

(at left Donald “Cinque” DeFreeze of the SLA)
When you get the names of some of the players involved it reads like a who’s who of intelligence operatives. Remember the “6 degrees of separation or Kevin Bacon Game”? Well you don’t need six tries to get this one. Most of the connections aren’t even 1 removed! Just to be fair though here is a link to a site that does not believe there was any conspiracy at all and that it was just an open and shut case of kooky cult mass suicide.The author believes it is easier to believe that “dark forces” and “conspiracies” are involved than that such an evil thing could occur. I would argue the opposite, it’s easier to believe it was a nutty cult and crazy people just kill themselves, what’s next on T.V. I do not  buy the story after reviewing many of the facts. Let the facts lead you to your own conclusion, try not to make the facts fit the conclusion! But what you believe is for you to decide. Personally I think the CIA were involved (vis a vis MK ULTRA/MKSEARCH).

Lets answer a few of the questions and throughout I will provide links to further research into this important historical event. This short article does not do justice to the events of Jonestown but is just a summary to make others aware of the tragedy. As the sign outside of the Jonestown compound read ” THOSE WHO DO NOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT.

CIA/MKULTRA connections: Langley Porter NeuroPsychiatric Institute of San Francisco. This hospital is where many members of the Peoples Temple were brought in by Jim Jones through the rehab program there. The same institute is/was used by DARPA and MKULTRA program.
The Senator (Leo Ryan) was also asking about SLA member and leader, Donald DeFreeze and his connection with MK ULTRA and the Langley Porter institute. A month later he was dead on the tarmac outside of Jonestown! Jones also knew DeFreeze personally.

The lawsuit: A lawsuit was filed by Jonestown survivors against Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and Stansfield Turner (CIA Director at the time).

Jim Jones CIA employee? : Jim Jones (Rev) had a CIA 201 file. A 201 file is an employee data and information file! Dan Mitrione was also a close friend and mentor to Jim Jones as well as his alleged recruiter in the CIA.

U.S. Special Forces team recon into Jonestown:   a Special Forces unit was sent into Jonestown to investigate the scene there. Not suspicious really as they were available and had the skills to do a recon and report back. However some allege the same team that was sent was shooting survivors! The Special Forces units in that area  of the world were led by L.Col “Bo” Gritz who would later become a “conspiracy researcher” and author. Guess he found out something that didn’t quite add up. 

Autopsies: massacre or mass suicide? Again various files can be found but take some looking. The first doctor on the scene was Dr. Leslie C. Mootoo who was a top Guyanese Forensic Pathologist came to the finding of mass murder not suicide. Despite some who would scoff at a “third world pathologist”, Dr.Mootoo attended some very prestigious universities and was one of the leading figures in his field. (bacteriological pathology)

Who’s “Dwyer”? CIA man Richard Dwyer that’s who. Mentioned in transcripts of the audio tapes from Jonestown (such as Q402 aka the “death tapes”). Another excellent website here has some great photos and more information on other CIA agents involved.

Unclassified Files: The FBI has some files available here.  Interesting read, almost more interesting is the redacted parts! Its like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack but there are other documents that show various connections. Follow the money applies in this case as well. The large influx of cash Jones received after visiting Brazil. There’s still a lot of classified info which leads me to believe that if the events at Jonestown are not as open and shut as “they”would lead us to believe then why all the secrecy? -Evil von Scary

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  1. I’m just one o those people who grew up assuming tat a cults leader and plowers committed suicide. I’ve heard the death tapes looked into a lot of documents. I’m now convinced it was a mass murder and some do commit suicide. I believe the gov came in and did clean up. Bottom line Congressman Ryan was pushing his bill through so CIA wouldn’t be able to do black ops and he dies on the tarmac by who? I believe our own special ops.

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