Adelle August Standing by TurkeyHappy Thanks-giving to our Canadian audience , yeah sorry America you gotta wait, and welcome to another edition of The Last Few Weeks (or so) in Review. This will be a compilation of some of the stories, submissions, findings, facts, et al from our various media outlets, readers, fellow researchers and affiliates. Thanks again for tuning in and welcome to our new readers and followers. Here we go:

The Last few weeks have shown the Ebola scare story to still have some legs and the Ukraine is still simmering albeit much quieter than in the last few months. I will deliberately not be covering those  stories in this edition as I feel we’ve pretty much said everything we can about that. Also did an Op-Ed piece on revenge that got alot of mixed reactions I didn’t really expect, be sure to check that article out and let us know what you think of that one.


Whatever the hell people want to call them. So despite who started these guys on the path they are on now (the war path that is) they have become a threat in the Iraq/Syria region to the powers that be and have become the Apocalypse incarnate to a wide variety of different peoples and tribes (ie Kurds,Yazzidis and more) in that area who don’t subscribe to a new “Caliphate” state. Yet another example of “blowback” we warned about shit like this a long time ago, and also how it would be a “part of the plan” of the time. “Best laid plans of mice and men” comes to mind. And now with O.B.L. (Osama bin Laden) out of the picture we need a new boogeyman to keep us scared, funneling money to the military industrial complex another reason to keep the war machine going and the “perpetual war” going that Orwell (and many many others!) warned us about.

2/Electronic Self Defense

cellphone-tower-1Its getting to the point that you SHOULD be afraid to go onto the Internet or carry any kind of electronic device, or should you? Just leaving the house can be scary with every potential disaster from asteroids, muggings and getting attacked by rabid squirrels! The modern electronic age is no different. Most accidents happen in the home so get out there physically and electronically (or both) and enjoy what life has to offer. But be aware that sometimes bad shit happens to anyone. Knowing what to do in certain situations is only common sense. There are very simple tools and rules for cruising the ‘ Net and really not that much different than wearing a seatbelt or learning how to parallel park in a car. Know and use some of these things and you’ll alright. Ignore them at your peril. It’s electronic ignorance that allows governments, corporations and other groups to violate YOUR RIGHTS! Better to know now what you can do to empower yourself.

3/The Money Mafia

Thanks to Phil D. who gave us this one! Cheers- EvS

The Money Mafia

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Date: 09-22-14
Host: George Noory
Guests: Paul Hellyer, Joseph Jacobs

Former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Paul Hellyer discussed his new work researching the New World Order, the U.S. shadow government, and the ‘money mafia’ which is at the apex of the cabal that has been running the U.S. and much of the world since World War II. Hellyer lamented that an “international banking cartel” has seized power over the planet by hijacking the ability to print money, which it then loans with interest, and utilizing a fractional-reserve banking system, which allows it to multiply its assets at an incredible rate. Over the last half century, he contended, the powers behind this banking cartel have used their wealth to surreptitiously influence governments around the world in order to further their own agenda.

He warned that the goal of this ‘money mafia’ is to ultimately replace democracies with an “unelected government answerable to them.” Hellyer charged that organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, and the Trilateral Commission are the key drivers behind influencing policies towards this objective of creating a global autocratic government. “They have some pretty ambitious plans for us,” he mused, “and I don’t think that the people are really aware of what they are or how far advanced that they are.” To that end, he was hopeful that the general population will realize the nefarious plot that is underway and put a stop to it before it is too late.

On how people can reassert control over the destiny of the planet, Hellyer stressed that the power to create money must be taken from the banking cartel and returned to individual nations. “Banks should be nothing more than, basically, a public utility,” he declared, “providing a service to people instead of being in charge of the world.” He also called for a “moral and spiritual revolution” where seeking wealth is no longer the principal preoccupation for the population. Although he conceded that “the odds are long” that this crooked banking system can be toppled, he suggested that an informed citizenry reaching critical mass could possibly effect the changes needed to do so. Later in his appearance, Hellyer also shared his thoughts on 911 as well as the UFO phenomenon.

4/War on some drugs

We have reported previously why the war on drugs is bullshit a few times. We made no bones about the CIA distributing and selling drugs. There are two films coming out we would like to present to our readers and really recommend they check out. The first is a documentary about “Freeway Ricky” who was the Sam Walton of Crack Cocaine in the U.S. Also one of the very select few to have beaten a federal life sentence!

The next film is about Gary Webb the courageous reporter who exposed the CIA’s selling of crack cocaine in order to finance illegal operations abroad.

5/ Occult Wars 

roths5Guaranteed some of you might be thinking where the fuck are you going with this? This part is strange and I wont blame anyone for skipping by it. However if you have an open (but still be skeptical please) mind read on…….

(at left: Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé at a 1972 party)

It makes no difference really if you believe in the occult (supernatural,etc) or not. There are vested interests in all levels of society,government and positions of influence and power that do! The sooner one understands this the better one is able to see the patterns,symbols and perhaps even come to understand the motivations of those who would be the rulers of this world. Thanks to all those (Thom,Phil S., George and others) who stay on top of these warning signs,motivations,numerology and various stories. Personally I haven’t bought in 100 percent but there is some really scary shit here.

A Jordan Maxwell expose of the Illuminati

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