(at left propaganda pic of LIFG flying the Al-Qaeda flag)

In yet more of the twisted world of U.S. foreign policy ,aka Henry Kissinger “Realpolitik“, turns out the United States supports the same people who attacked the Benghazi U.S. Embassy and all of the fallout of that investigation. In case “all  that terrorist” stuff gets confusing, it’s not your fault. In fact it is confusing unless your an insider in the  whole thing. Check out our Terrorism for Dummies EvS Edition to break it down into crayon.

Yet again showing the whole “War on Terror” is a bunch of bunk and just another part of a larger agenda (aka New World Order).

Emir Abdelhakim Belhadj’s LIFG fighters (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) were one of the instrumental groups that helped topple the Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya. That was in 2011. Going forward to 2013 we find out that this same group under the banner of February 17 Brigade with our man in Syria ,Emir Abdelhakim Belhadj (whom we will call EAB here on), at the command and control again. Remember this was also the so called Tripoli Military Governor of the “transition government”. We were trying to bring this pack of crap to light in a previous blog while it was going down.

Problem is The February 17 Martyrs  Brigade recently has been found to be the same group that attacked the Embassy in Benghazi. More whistle-blowers are coming forward and more are needed. Guess that’s why all of these new laws trying to choke them out. Some will say trusting EAB was a mistake. Sorry but if it happened you can bet it was made to happen. And if it was a “mistake” why hire him and his boys again for the Syrian Op?

Now I’m not a fan of Fox News whatsoever however they actually did a decent presentation of some of the Benghazi hearing highlights!

Granted Fox didn’t put this out with a sense of civic duty but more to embarrass Obama. However it is pretty illustrative of just how corrupt the U.S. system has become in it’s quest of being  top of the pops.

Other questions are who supports these guys like EAB? Well for starters CIA slush fund and Black Ops money, not to mention Saudi Arabian support. EAB was also a brother in arms with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan back in the day, was with him at Torra Borra and was a co-conspirator in the Madrid Bombings. So were

the Madrid Bombings really an Islamist Terrorist act of just more shades of Operation Gladio? They were described as “Al-Qaeda inspired”.

 Inspired my ass. It was political, and to push Spain into the fold and supporting war aims of the “Anglo-American Alliance”.

(below:scene of devastation during the Madrid Bombing in Spain 2004)

The Obama administration “admitted” that it has supplied Syrian opposition groups with weapons and supplies from Libya. This is a  classic psy-op technique, admit some of the truth and obscure the rest. The reality is that the supply networks were already in place, the weapons bought and paid for in the first phase of remodeling the Middle East.

 Problem is that in our modern age the advances of  the Internet, larger social networking and world wide access to information,real time reporting (not to mention hacktivists who like releasing bulk findings as well) and whistle-blowers coming forward it’s getting easier to find out just how far down the rabbit hole goes. -EvS

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