Why the “War on Drugs” is complete bullshit

The “System” is the real engine of the so called “underground economy”.  There is just too much money made from illegal drugs ( and to a lesser degree guns, prostitution, human trafficking,etc).

The western nations had the chance to wipe out the poppy (ie opium/heroin) trade in Afghanistan were most of it came from but…… the Taliban were already starting to wipe it out pre invasion (link to UN report pre invasion) and now accounts for  over 50 percent of Opium ( I couldnt find a heroin stat) ,and people wonder why there are “conspiracy theorists” out there.

Some inconvenient facts:

Wow look at that notice the 2001 reading on that graph?

The 100 USD bill along the 500 Euro are the international drug and guns dealers choices of currency. Makes sense who wants to carry around a couple hundred thousand in 10’s and 20’s?
(at left PheonixAir “grey fleet”)
3/4 of all U.S. 100 dollar bills actually circulate outside of the U.S.

The outflow of currency= interest fee loan

Each time new money is created an equal value of interest bearing securites is created.
The U.S. Treasury earns Billions of dollars in interest from its bank notes circulating oversea.
So it pays for banks and international arms and drug dealers to use their money and services. In essence international crime is actually propping up the big banks.
Governments and Banks make money from illegal drugs and gun sales.

But anyone who even remotely paid attention during the Iran/Contra scandal knows at least a bit about the government sanctioned drug running

But then why do they bust dealers? 

Well its because they aren’t a part of the “system”. Anyone outside of direct control is a potential target. The CIA and other intelligence groups around the world have used drug dealers, drug deals and weapons trafficking to finance and expand their operations. The small potatoes get busted while the big stuff gets through. It satisfies the public with a photo op of a bust, keeps the police happy (happy public means better budget). Keeps the system busy with the courts, prisons, etc and keeps that money going by letting the big fish through.

And unfortunately it makes sense:

The drug networks can provide human intelligence, transportation, thugs,couriers,bodies and plausible deniability. And most of all …..OFF THE BOOKS MONEY! 

Marijuana which can grow anywhere except maybe Antarctica and thus a domestic product. Probably why you always hear about these kind of busts and rarely the cocaine and heroin. Local drug trafficking isn’t lining the pockets of big banks and intelligence agencies, probably why the system cracks down on them instead of the hard core drugs.

The CIA during the heyday of the MKULTRA program used drugs and ran prostitution rings inside the continental U.S. ( never mind that they are forbidden from domestic operations and breaking U.S. laws).

An illustrative quote  “Where else could a redblooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, rape and pillage with the blessings of the All-Highest?” —CIA operative Colonel George H. White

The Colonel was an interesting fella who was also a supervisor in the (BBN) Fedaral Bureau of Narcotics and served in the O.S.S. (precursor to the CIA).

Catherine Austin Fitts has a really good guide on how Narco Dollars work

Penn and Teller have a pretty good vid about the drug war

So it would seem that there is just too much money being made and that the governments and their agents that would use drugs as a money source have no interest in making drugs legal or giving up making money from illegality.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary

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