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Vince Weiguang Li, 40, is led into the Manitoba Provicial Court in Portage La Prairie, Man. on Friday Aug. 1, 2008. Li, accused in the beheading of a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba, has been charged with second-degree murder. (AP Photo/James Turner, Winnipeg Free Press via The Canadian Press)


In recent news a “man” ( man-churian candidate) cut off a passengers head on a Greyhound bus on July 31st outside of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba. The man had stabbed another man to death and cut off his head. Within minutes talking heads on the news were calling for airport style metal detectors and security. Needless to say an event like this is rarer than hen’s teeth. What bothers me the most is why did the passengers sit back and do nothing? Sure you might get a few cuts taking the s.o.b. down but at least you’d prevent a murder and dismemberment. Has society really degenerated into a bunch of voyeuristic sheeple? Just sit back and watch the horror show and hope your not next? This guy was pretty relaxed in the pictures with that far off vacant stare. Any bets he “wont remember”? Like Sirhan B. Sirhan? I wonder if he got his ticket from a woman in a polka-dot dress? Maybe a test case to start installing tighter security for bus stations? How about boats or trains, heck how about getting a pack of smokes?

Speaking of Sirhan, his lawyer William F. Pepper has been doing allot of radio programs on the R.F.K. murder as well as MLK and JFK. Look him up he’s got allot to say.

The Virginia Tech Slayings courtesy of Seung-Hui Cho may also have been a “candidate”

It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the Columbine murders and the D.C. Snipers were “candidates” as well.

Before everyone’s bullshit meter starts going off don’t forget the Allen Memorial Institute and the MK-ULTRA experiments that were conducted there. There was allot of lengthy law suits going on for decades resulting from the experiments( Psychic Driving) of Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron.

If this could ( and did) happen here and then (60’s) then WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?

Mk-Ultra and its assciated files were ordered destroyed in 1973.

So where does this leave us now? Many will say that Mk-Ultra/ARTICHOKE got rolled into MONARCH see http://www.trance-formation.com/

For me the Jury is still out on Mark and Cathy, on one hand some of what they say jives and on another smacks of disinformation. For the more cautious researcher it is somewhere in the middle and one just has to verify the info for themselves.

A few years back I found most of this type of material and those that espoused it “conspiracy nuts” but being curious I looked into myself and much to my horror it checked out. I really wish it didn’t but it does. Its not very hard either, there are lots of government docs online and in libraries all you need is a bit of time and effort to find the truth on your own.

Other candidates ( in different indoctrination forms) can take the place of suicide bombers. Sometimes some people do just go “pop” but I always take an objective view of how they are covered or sensationalized. If it hits every news agency and is followed by calls for more security and less rights then I’d bet it was an OP.

A warning to those who do start to “wake up” and jump into finding the “truth” you really can’t go back. Once you know you’ll never look at T.V. and other public pablum the same. In future blogs I will delve into some of these topics with a skeptical eye but an open mind and try to sort out the bull from the real deal. This is only my attempt at trying to do something low tech as I am of limited means and ability but Ive gotta try. Many others have jumped right into this topic and have devoted their lives, time and money into it. The following are just a few links to help get people started and to tip my hat to those who are allot less lazy than I.




my personal fav for research is Allen Watt :


police tape of Greyhound Bus murder:

as an add-on I dug up a related article written awhile back by me:

Some of you may be familiar or at least know of MK ULTRA and
various mind control experiments conducted by various U.S.
intelligence groups, in particular the C.I.A. and its various affiliates.

As of late I have been studying various aspects of these projects,
through public channels and otherwise. To set the record a little
straighter MK ULTRA is NOT in and of itself about mind control. Rather
MK ULTRA ( the MK is not German for mind control, as ALLOT of
“conspiracy ” groups/theorists/sites would have you believe)it is an
“umbrella” with allot of other projects under its direction, of which
one of them( or more) is for mind control.

MK ULTRA’s mission purpose was NBCW ( Nuclear, biological,chemical
warfare/research). Various other infamous projects emanated under MK
ULTRA’s watch: BLUEBIRD- later to become ARTICHOKE and later on
MONARCH ( as a result of ARTICHOKE experiments and findings). CEBAR
was another important MK ULTRA group. CEBAR concerned itself with
Radiological Warfare, think of those CIVIL DEFENSE films showing how
you could dust off the fallout from food as long as it was canned or a
little isotope wont hurt, LOL. Another aspect of CEBAR looked at
“focused radiation”, think invisible death rays, gamma radiation,
microwave transmissions, etc. Another aspect of ULTRA is Project SHAD-
which is of public record.

ULTRA (without the MK) is actually a security designation, its above
TOP SECRET and starts getting into the ALPHAGAMMA type alphabet
soup names as well as color codes( think Blue Book- for UFO buffs). As
for the MK Ive heard about a million and one explanations but nothing
concrete and Ive seen no corroborating evidence explaining its
meaning. My educated guess is it doesn’t actually have a meaning that’s
its another alpha- numeric security designation that was randomly spit
up out of some cipher office, so it could easily of been 6G ULTRA or
any other combo.

Interest has come about of MK ULTRA and its connections to
everything from John Lennon’s murder/assassination to Johnstown
massacre and Charles Manson ( there’s a plausible ARTICHOKE/
Scientology/ connection there- more to follow later). Its like this,
someone peeps through the keyhole of the MK ULTRA door ,see’s some
stuff and says. “my god they’re doing mind control experiments!”. what
they’re seeing is only the foyer with a guy tied to a chair being fed
drugs reading “catcher in the rye”. what they’re not seeing is what
going on the other rooms of the house of horrors MK ULTRA built.

What Im trying to get at with the above illustration is instead of
taking a peak and reporting on just a glimpse maybe knock on the door
to see if they’ll open it a bit wider

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Framed Art Print by Michael Mitchell

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  1. Hey Bro,
    Have you ever looked into the players behind the MK ULTRA and Artichoke experiments? HAve a look at Pfizer and ask yourself, who gains?

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