NSA-JokeWelcome to another edition of The Last Few Weeks (or so) in Review.

Below is a quick summary of various articles and submissions from readers and contributors over the last few weeks, in case anyone missed anything in the last while. Here we go:

1/NSA found installing malware in hard-drives

sounds like paranoid garbly gook but its a fact jack. They were busted by Kaspersky Lab in a recent report and made all the news rounds online, through all the techie sites as well as main stream news but jack shit on the T.V. news, not surprising. we give you the straight dope here. Bad enough our TV’s and other electronic devices spy on us now.

2/ Apparently humans can be controlled via the Internet now or at least in a laboratory setting. Still think having a chip planted in you is a good idea? I’d think again on that one!

3/International Finance/Bankers

Well since our last report no mysterious deaths of high profile bankers. But be sure to check out “Hang the Bankers” website for updates. We should never forget that this last (current?) recession, oh wait actually EVERY recession and depression has been squarely the fault/deliberate scheme of bankers!

If you haven’t already start looking into Gold,Silver,Firearms,Bicycles,toilet paper and other alternative currencies. I’m not saying sell all your non essentials or get involved in some kind of “Day After” scheme but plan ahead in case things go bad or even if they don’t.

4/Big Brother

big-brother-posterData mining takes another twist and Pennsylvania, USA has become ground zero in a fight involving their school  children. Some program called PIMS vis a vis the school system besides keeping test scores is now tracking behavioral and other data (for private gain later on) when someone blew the whistle on the whole scheme. Seems everyone had their hands in the cookie jar from private contractors up to the Federal government level. Not just a Penn state concern as it is across the U.S. Pennsylvania just happens to be the first state to wake up to it.

5/New proof bombing the Middle East is about oil interests
For most of us this is a no brainer but this quick 3 minute video should help lay it out even for the most brainwashed.

911_fdny_looking_81hz6/ 9-11 updates/ISIS/WMD

Regardless of what anyone thinks happened in NYC on the infamous 9-11, there a some glaring gaps in the official story. The real grind for me though is WTC 7, no planes hit that one but yet it pancaked like a controlled demolition. We cannot afford to ignore the events of that day as it has changed how our societies work, impacted our privacy and is one of the most pivotal events in history in the last few 100 years or so. It should be really obvious to anyone that the U.S. Federal Government has no intentions of a full and transparent accounting of that days events. Firefighters, Pilots and Architects as well as veterans,police,emergency responders,scientists and many many others have set up groups questing the events of that day.

Since that time the U.S./NATO/other allies have been embroiled in “low intensity” conflicts throughout Africa, Middle East and Asia. This has turned into an Orwellian “perpetual war” and an increase on human misery and erosion of western democratic freedoms.

31FfLKtzL0L7/ And now for something completely different./A short history of death.

Well that was some pretty serious business. But take hope gentle reader, things will change for the better but unfortunately it seems they have to get worse first. Freedom will prevail but only when good folks stand up for one another and refuse to tow the line of those who would be tyrants! Thanks for tuning in and I will leave you with a pleasant video on a short history of death to cheer you up. -Evil von Scary.

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