suicide-bankersSeems to have been a spat of bankers killing themselves (falling off roofs,etc) and raising questions as to why… my thoughts (“do a fucking flip Mr. Banker”) as outlined by the band “Van Halen” of 80s fame.

You won’t find any sympathy for the devil here (what the hell’s bell’s with these music references!)

We have covered why bankers suck in a previous article but realized that I didn’t actually write up too much on banker suicides, probably because I felt “good riddance to bad rubbish“. But some of our contributors continue to send in articles and I have to say the frequency and circumstances of these suicides not to mention the high stakes and profiles involved does deserve some attention.

falling_banker_1961933cSome will speculate that the “big one” of economic collapses is coming but I’ve been hearing that one predicted from even before I started writing and it is almost invariably just a few months away according to their predictions. I think we’ve already been in a depression (for awhile) to be quite frank and just feel that nobody in the governments or media would ever day say it. Not to say it can’t happen (they do and will happen time to time) but usually it’s a slide into anarchy. Society won’t collapse overnight, it took Rome at least a few generations to wink out.

For those who really don’t like bankers do check out “Hang the Bankers” it’s a really great site that dedicates itself to sniffing out these rascals and exposing them. They also have a really great article on the mysterious deaths of about 48 bankers so far.

banker-government-people Like any other mafia or criminal organization sometimes they clean house after a leadership change or direction change and get rid of those who don’t tow the line or fall in line with the new vision for the organization.

Sometimes….somebody just knows to much…………….

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary

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