Yes Virginia, they are watching you! And they are going to find out who’s been naughty or nice!

The Surveillance State. Remember the old saw, “just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean their not watching you.” Well folks, “they” are.

Increasingly in the “Land of the Free” it has become more and more of a police and surveillance state, where your every move is being tracked, everything you do, eat, buy, who you talk to, what you read and even maybe what you think.

Even in the old East Germany the commie police state there wouldn’t have dreamed of dreamed of what’s going on these days. Not even George Orwell in his book 1984 could have thought of the technology available now but he was pretty damned close. You’d think though with all of this surveillance that we could find out who operates those damned “numbers stations”!

Most everywhere you go there are cameras that can and are used to track you from ATM machines to security cameras (which are now linked to the internet). Going to the mall? Your being tracked. Out for a stroll (your being tracked), going for a drive (your being tracked). Going online? Your being tracked.Even taking a photo these days includes time/date and GPS location in your photos as an electronic signature.
 Some may argue but this helps deter crime/terrorism. Simple answer is the stats don’t hold up.
 The surveillance has not deterred crime or even prevented terrorism. Its there for control pure and simple. 
Recently in the news (thanks to Verno for letting us know about this one) a program called TRAPWIRE has had the whistle blown on it. Using facial recognition software, all of the aforementioned technology above is used in TRAPWIRE. Below is a report from RT NEWS-USA.

Counterpunch has a pretty good article on TRAPWIRE here. 
Seems to be another one of those famous “Public Private” relationships. I.e. private corp enough that we dont need to tell you anything, public enough -ie government run- that you pay for it.
Here is the bluh bluh bluh from the TRAPWIRE people(private/corporate end of it).

“Well for frik sakes Evil what can I do about it?” First of all understand what the hells going on around you. The pros and cons of being tracked. But for shits and giggles here’s some electronic self defense measures one could employ in the Surveillance State.  

For those rfid chips in your bank cards in your cell phones there are a few entrepreneurs offering products that can block those pesky transmissions revealing your position. 
The farady cage wallets though do not block gps signals (they work differently). What the hell is farady and why is there a cage? A smart guy in a universe far far away made a cage that could stop signals and electricity as well as protect electronics from EMP. For an explanation click here. 
The following video is just one service provider selling counter intercept techniques. 
“OK but what about GPS?”  For instance the GPS tracking on cell phones can be defeated fairly easily.
Here is a nice video for academic purposes only. Also for whatever reason you can also pick up a burner fairly easily. As for cameras and other devices, for the most part just check the options you can turn off GPS tagging, etc. But if your really really paranoid you can check online for more permanent solutions and complete removal of GPS.

For thermal counter detection something as simple as a thick wool blanket works (as has been used in wartorn areas for awhile now). There are also a wide variety of products available from just about anywhere (usually military surplus, survivalist stores) for this purpose. There are some emerging technologies that are getting pretty interesting.

The ultimate for those wishing to stop worrying about being watched and tracked is to “go off the grid”. Just walk away from the Surveillance Society and go do the hippie thing, lol. Or for the more hard core cyber punk types maybe you want to be anonymous or just disappear all together. The Friendly Anarchist has a great article here. Just Google it up but be aware your being tracked!

Good video and discussion for those who are trying to disappear as well as the modern Surveillance State. Interview and discussion with journalist Evan Ratliff who wanted to disappear for 30 days and challenged the public to find him( as part of a contest for $5000 USD), he was found in 25 days.  -EvS

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