bail_dees1-300x266I keep getting the same email inbox from various sources about “CIA Insiders” predicting financial collapse and a so called “OP Day After” plan.

You might find it at the bottom of a page describing “this is how WW3 will really start” or “upcoming financial collapse” or worse in one of those click here pages and then when you back space or try to get out it gives one of those “are you sure you want to leave” pages and you just know those bastards are giving you some stupid cookies when your just trying to get out.

So we’ll take the hits for you gentle reader and let’s just see what it’s all about…..(link to better quality and the original site/video)

MV5BMTkyMTg3Nzc0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTI1MDYyMQ@@._V1_Initially “The Day After” evoked images of an 80’s movie that made me sure when I was a kid that I’d never live long enough to see the age of 21. Or if I did it would be a post-Apocalypse hell-land of post Rapture.

This will be the EvS patented 2 hour investigation, not the 5 day trench coat wearing one, as I figure what this is really about. Here we go-

O.K. so just due to the connection to an “money investment” scheme I get suspicious instantly. And the way it all lays out with those automatically taking you to other places and making the user click “Yes” to move away from a page (the old way still works though) it screams scam or at best disingenuous. Money talks bullshit walks has been my motto. Nuthin’ is ever free (even reading this article is costing you your precious time gentle reader and I thank you for it). On the page is a list of contributors (like any reputable website) theirs however tells us its “Expert Content” and at the bottom is that it’s copyrighted (© 2015 Money Map Press). So looks legit which makes me want to rip into it some more. Also has that Tea Party smell and feel to it. Anyone  following the Koch Brothers monster still? If so I gotta warn you that your suckers for the rich boys who would fuck you over in a heart beat.

Logo_MMR_oldMoney Map Press appears to be an investment advice group and right off the bat is the video they keep pimping so I’m going to take a long shot and say it’s theirs. After clicking through a series of get your “free copy here” of a supposedly a free report they have to warn us all of a 25 year great American Depression. They want to sell you $728 of information for the low low price of $199. I call scam on this one. It’s got all of the hall marks of setting up a mark: “Experts, insiders, your one of the smart ones, Executive package”etc ad naseum ad infinitim. This is the kind of shit that preys on the so called “conspiracy crowd” as well as on various patriot movements and civil rights activists. MMP does give us some knowledge about Wall Street scams so that means they have to be legit….don’t they?

How about a quick look at the experts?

Clicking on the links which should lead us to their credentials or sites or something only gives up links to articles that these experts have given to MMP (Money Map Press- my own short form used for this article).

So here’s the experts:(I was able to find links to MMP’s descriptions of contributors,eventually)

KeithFitzGeraldPicKeith Fitz Gerald

Looks like a trust worthy fella. He’s the man behind MMP and its public face.

My personal opinion is that most “investment groups” and the so called “experts” that work for them are just professional gamblers. I’ve seen so called experts tank the economy at least 3 times in my life time and almost every large scale scam was perpetrated by so called “experts”. Well Keith has been on Fox (as his own website points out) and a few other main stream new services but so has alot of people. the-truth-about-industry-expertsStephanie Dahle over at was nice enough to add Keith to their “business visionaries” section, but still dont tell us shit. Its just rehashed biopic stuff we can find anywhere. Stephanie has about 4 articles with Forbes and is a “former” contributor. I’d think that a “business visionary” would have had at least an article written about them explaining to would be investors why this person is a winner? Stephanie graduated from college in 2008 and proclaimed this man a visionary in 2010? Stephanie does have an impressive resume but not what I would consider an investment or business guru. To be fair though I’m sure it was a Forbes editor that told her this guy is a visionary and not Stephanie’s personal opinion. The next expert we look at is pimped by Keith across most of his websites.

James RickardThe next expert- Jim Rickards (The Wall Street insider) (James) had quite a bigger article on Forbes to say the least. He has been on the circuit of various media including what might be considered alternative media (RT,Alex Jones,etc) as well as big hitters of the main stream (Reuters,et al). Some though would question Jim’s  motives. Looking into Jim Rickards, famed author of “The Death of Money“, he was a Wall Street guy for a few decades and does have some decent credentials as an analyst. However it seems Max Kaiser (who has a sort of Dr.Who’ish, but deadly accurate logic) calls him out on a few things and interestingly a CIA connection.

Makes me wonder then if various agency pulls put Jim Rickards into the limelight (or his publicity agent must be really good). But to what end? It’s true that there is various factions within the so called “elites” who would leak information to advance their own agents and agendas even if it would seem like there is a public benefit and be detrimental to the supposed “them”. There are still people in the game who have a conscience and believe in doing the right thing. I’m still thinking though that for the most part these guys are a Book of the Month Club types at best and useful idiots for the tea bagger/CIA cultural projects at worst. Truth is somewhere in between usually (or all of the above). I may be reading too much into this and someof his supporters would probably think I am.

indexNow if I wanted to get really paranoid  I would be suspicious of Money Morning’s choice of imagery. The rising half sun suggesting a “new dawn“(Golden Dawn,etc). Taking an analytical note from my friend George (who is a genius at dissecting this kind of thing) the morning (read mourning) suggesting the death of money or mourning a loss- perpetuating Jim Rickard’s “Death of Money”. Plenty of these associated New World Order groups get a real school boy chuckle out of displaying their secret affiliations out in the open, shoving it into the noses of “the profane” as it were.

crowleySo let’s go back to the beginning and the so called “CIA insiders” predicting financial collapse. Watching the video and reading the articles I wonder, who is the insider? A field agent? An analyst? The guy who wipes down the tables in the cafeteria? Jim Rickards himself? For the record Jim was an adviser(to the CIA) on a team of other advisers doing a research study “investigating potential insider trading” prior to the events of 9-11. We don’t know, it’s an unknown and unquantified resource, so might as well not exist. Jim did work for Omnis,Inc that has well known connections in the Military (and Intelligence) Industrial Complex. Jim claims himself to be “THE Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor to the CIA“.

Realistically this claim does not have the “street cred” that many assume when they hear “CIA”. An adviser to some research group in the CIA is not much different to who catered lunch at the CIA family diner luncheon (the cateror would actually have a higher security clearance!). CIA has gazzilions of research groups on various threats and interests. Asymmetric Warfare has probably become the most over used buzzword in the defense industry.

CIAcafeteriaTo those who aren’t familiar with the CIA and it’s operations, being an “adviser” sounds shadowy and “spooky” when in all probability Jim Rickards was just another cog in a really big machine. His contributions were on the financial advise side and little to none of the warfare side. 

To be fair, Jim Rickards has probably forgotten more than I know about the financial world. But I can read between the lines and don’t get star struck or dazzled by the light show. Fluffed titles don’t impress me and I worked in the military long enough (and have enough “street time”) to know how to see/sift through the bullshit.

– Thanks for tuning in. Evil von Scary

4 thoughts on ““Operation Day After” Plan or scam? Jim Rickards and the CIA

  1. Thank you for opening our eyes to the ” tea bagger/CIA cultural projects”. Could you elaborate on something real instead. Oh, I don’t know, like maybe the ” occupoopers/CIA cultural projects”?
    Many kisses …. Me.

    • Thanks for taking time to read the article. Not sure if its a backhanded complement though. If there something specific you like to see or some information you would like us to look into send an email and a few links or articles to evilvonscary @ thx again. EvS via cellphone

    • occupoopers? to me the whole Occupy movement was at the very LEAST akin to the Tea Party movement with one exception…..Heritage Foundation Funding. your “many kisses” probably have Koch Kooties all over them.

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