This article is in supplement to our previous article “Why the War on Drugs is complete Bullshit“.

The Whole War on Drugs is about controlled opposition and keeping the elites flush with extra cash and power. The “powers that be for the most part control both sides in this so called war. Think of this as the real reason you shouldn’t do drugs.

For those that have never been exposed to drug culture or dabbled (“but I never inhaled”,lol) the whole “Just Say No to Drugs” is a no brainer. Drug users are bad and only bad people do drugs. Well you shouldn’t be so smug. The government and system you believe that are fighting the evil scourge of drugs are profiting from illegal drugs through enforcement programs (seizure of property,intelligence,police,etc). The entire banking industry (as well as Wall Street,investment firms,construction,etc) profits from laundering drug money and the entire “Justice System“(as well as the Prison Industrial Complex) make big bucks from illegal drugs.

However those who are into the drug culture are not off the hook either. Before I start ranting realize I am not talking about your local independent (ie not hooked up with organized crime groups) herbal growers. For instance the nice Gold Seal hash your getting comes from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Along the way from that area warlords, intelligence agencies and corrupt governments are all getting a cut. Same goes for the heroin and other opiates. The clubbers and ravers with all of their thoughts of love and dancing ,that feel good connected with the world vibes are supporting various criminal groups that create and distribute all that E and MDMA. Drugs are bad ummkay?! Well if your going to say yes then at least be informed about their effects and risks.

The connections between intelligence groups and organized crime are various,documented and proven. In the U.S. the CIA was caught bringing cocaine into the U.S. to make off the books money for various projects (re Iran/Contra scandal) and in Russia the F.S.B. has had a long and sordid history with the “Russian Mafia”. DEA in the U.S. has run into countless situations where they had to let bad guys go because they bumbled into that fuzzy area of CIA operations where drug dealers are intelligence assets. However increasingly it seems the DEA is taking a page from the CIA.

Often times drug supply routes and networks are also used by intelligence agencies for moving money,supplies or people to who and where they need it/them to go.

For the “Aryan” brothers (also various Black Pride or other racially motivated groups) on the entry level its about preserving their race and culture. Not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t have hate attached. But the reality is on the higher levels the Brothers (all races) are cooking and distributing meth (and other cheap to make) to make money and are being used by intelligence agencies. For those who might ask they will be told it’s “for the cause”. But again reality rears it’s ugly head and the links with military intelligence in operations such as Gladio or other black and false flag ops become readily apparent.

“Illegal Drugs” go deeper. Some would say the world economy is actually more dependent on illegal drugs than oil! According to PBS/Frontline the illegal drug trade (conservatively) is estimated at around 400 Billion per year to 2.1 Trillion USD

Interestingly we see with increasing frequency calls to change our view of the war on drugs. Don’t kid yourself it’s not really to save anyone. The elites could give a damn. Its just about cleaning up how the money is made from currently illegal drugs (Heroin used to be an over the counter product!). Seems most folks have forgotten about the so called Opium Wars back in the 1800’s, not to be confused with the other Opium Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Taliban had almost wiped out Opium production until the invasion post 9-11.  But in an almost eerie parallel an invasion took place to ensure the opium ( heroin and other drugs) trade continued without interference.

Thanks for tuning in, and remember “Just Say No to Drugs”
Nancy says No but Gary says Yes……- Evil von Scarry

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