evscomchurchChances are if your here you already have a good idea about MK ULTRA and mind control programs, experiments etc.

If not though may I direct you to some other articles we have involving MK ULTRA/MK SEARCH:

See also official (U.S.Gov) The Church Committee was the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (aka Church Committee 1975)- information was destroyed on MK ULTRA to prevent the Church Committee from bringing to the public most of this information. The things we do know with official documents as well as other documents being found of late including interviews of those involved is a real horror show.

Shadows of MK ULTRA (Physicians for Human Rights report-Experiments in Torture)

Programmed Serial Killers (MK ULTRA connections to death squads, murderers,etc)

Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple (Rev.Jim Jones and connections to MK ULTRA)

Ted Kaczynski (aka The Unabomber MK ULTRA victim)

Rosanne Barr “MK ULTRA alive and well in Hollywood”(Rosanne bar talks about mind control in Hollywood)

Go ask Alice (commentary on mind control and Laurel Canyon,music industry)

Mind Control throughout history (external link)

These things aren’t a conspiracy theory folks. There are public documents, Congressional (U.S.) hearings as well as successful lawsuits. What bothers me is that there has never been an order to cease in this kind of immoral behavior/ human experimentation by government agencies. In fact it is still ongoing (re Boys Town/ Franklin Scandal. Use your own bullshit meter though and steer clear of the likes of Cathy O’Brien and those claims though- fabrication/sensationalism at best, deliberate misinformation at worst!

A pretty detailed listing of various (known through FOIA requests) documents (also see how to make FOIA request video) relating to various mind control projects can be found here.

Thanks for tuning in, we will update this particular article as a link page/catch all for future findings as well as articles involving the various mind control programs. -Evil von Scary.


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