warning this information is going to be disturbing for some.

Video making links between U.S. intelligence operations and satanic cults. It sounds completely outlandish until someone starts following the trail and then finds that the facts do check out………….

sdjrSadly it makes sense especially when we see some high profile people seem to just have a perpetual “get out of jail free” card. Then we take a look at the connections between those court officers (and government,etc) involved and find other connections. I’m not saying the whole system is gone or “they’re all in on it”, but there’s enough that it is truly frightening! Now sorry to the reptoid folks Im not buying in. Humans have the capacity to be truly sick and degenerate without outside help. Its also part of the big sick joke of satanists to infiltrate groups like a disease and spread their corruption.

The following was on RT News from “The Thom Hartmann Show“. Really illustrative,while not a Thom fan as I find him a bit too lefty liberal but have to give him the nod on this one.

So without turning this into a tome and keeping it light I’ve gotta ask myself, “ok so satanic cults have infiltrated the government,corporations and various levels of power….to what end?” It’s not really that complex. They want and take power (and with it wealth or power over others). Pretty atypical sociopathic stuff really.  Unfortunately sociopaths generally try harder than the rest of us to achieve their goals.

Thanks for tuning in. EvS

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