EADS Sogerma has been awarded the contract to construct a high security fence along the border of Iraq. EADS Sogerma are also owners of the Airbus ( and we know all the scandles attatched to that one, LOL. Just ask Brian Mulrooney exPM of Canada. Youve gotta ask yourself why is a company that makes aircraft, flight systems and aeronautics getting involved in building fences? Guess its just more of the tangled web of the military industrial complex.

To quote EADS-

June 30/09, EADS N.V. announced:

“After being under contract for the northern border security, which is now under execution [DID: in cooperation with Al-Rasheed Trading Contracting], EADS Defence & Security has been awarded (as prime contractor) the border security program covering the full borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This contract will be executed in the next 5 years and is the largest contract ever competed worldwide as a full solution…. The Saudi border guard will benefit from a leading edge solution, providing visibility and operational awareness for about 9000km of borderline (mountains, deserts and sea borders). The solution will ensure border coverage is visible and managed at the sector level, whilst simultaneously providing situational awareness at the regional and national level.” end quote

sounds to me like gaurd towers, lots of fencing and razor wire, control points….. gee sounds like a prison to me.

These guys are also the ones who created and built various TETRA networks across Europe. Tetra being a network with features like car tracking ( ie showing the network where joe six pack is driving to), eavesdropping ( what your saying) and all sorts of privacy invasion- again sounds like the clink…..

its ok you remember Officer Friendly and his friends, Constable Heatscore and Officer McBadBuzz… they like Tetra and they want you to like Tetra too.

So yup theyre trying to build a prison. Dont forget though today’s long range occupation/counter insurgency is usually a dry run for whats going to happen back home. New techniques and tactics used in Iraq will be seen on the streets back home, just wait until you get your magic marker number on your head when home land security is doing a neighborhood check for “insurgents”, that is unless it’s a permanent mark in the 10mm or 5.56mm form.

How’s it going to happen- could be anything really from Swine Flu Epidemic or terrorist attacks ( just look up operation Gladio on that one)or another Katrina, doesnt matter what the cause. So unless you want a one way ticket to a FEMA centre near you,prepare your own plan.

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