The Real reason(s) you should say NO to hard drugs. An Evil von Scary public safety message:

Winners don’t use hard drugs, they sell em. And make the competition go to jail for it….. just ask the C.ocaine I.mportation A.gency. Special shout out to my sister in law for giving me the book entitled:

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs & the Press 

its an excellent reference to this topic and is packed with excellent(verifiable) information. Each chapter has about 3 pages of references. Written by

WTF Evil are you off your meds again? No dear reader, sadly not.

Turns out the big show of The War Against Drugs is a huge sham. And worse hard drugs are fueling government overthrows, big banks, nefarious projects (and black budgets) of various intelligence agencies , wars , massive corruption and  human misery.

Ahh the 80s with all of those anti-drug commercials. The stoners who would stay up late at night watching them…… and laughing their asses off.

With the advent of the Internet, FOI requests,Anonymous, WikiLeaks and other whistle-blowers were now finding out about the real history of the Drug War and seeing through the smoke and mirrors. Not that people weren’t trying to warn the public that many governments were complicit in the drug trade prior to the regular availability of the Internet. Lots were. They were “Conspiracy Theorists”, or reporters whose publishers refused to let the story out (re Operation Mockingbird), a few honest cops and agents (re DEA agent Kiki Camarenakilled with CIA support and knowledge- he was a decorated and effective agent)  killed when they couldn’t be shut up.

Sadly the U.S. Government put up a big front and tough stance on drugs yet made a ton of money on the illegal narcotics trade. Even before Richard Nixon coined the War on Drugs, our friends ,the C.I.A. were helping move heroin around South East Asia (Laos and Vietnam in particular). To be fair its not just the C.I.A. or MI6. I know the Russian F.S.B. has their hands dirty too working with the Russian mob, their just not as prolific as the Brits and the U.S. North Korea is also a major narcotics distributor through their “Office 39“, not to mention making pure meth that rivals most. Easy way to keep that population under control and get much needed hard currency from around the world. Israeli Mossad has their piece of the action and Pakastani ISI are notorious drug traffickers.

Before that the O.S.S. (CIA’s daddy) was helping the Italian (Sicilian) Mafia move heroin into Europe and the United States as part of their bargain in helping the Allied war effort. Into the 1980s and 1990s the efforts switched over to cocaine as cartels would assist in getting goons and guns into countries the U.S. wanted to  overthrown, especially socialist ones that didnt like American corporations. The British Empire in the 1800s fought 2 wars to keep China flooded with their Indian Opium!

Prescription drugs and the Big Pharma industry are the “legal” drug dealers that have the most to gain from keeping drugs illegal. After all illegal dealers (and their customers) are the competition. Not to mention all of the other special interests that profit from keeping some drugs illegal:

Private Prisons, various government agencies that can seize money and property (as proceeds of crime in drug cases aka Civil Forfeiture in the U.S.), defense industry  (supplying “anti-drug” interdiction equipment but actually used to suppress people). But the War on Drugs is about protecting our children….isn’t it?

Fact is that more people die from prescription drugs!

I could probably write a 10 volume book set on why hard drugs are bad.

Now to play the Devil’s Advocate: People are going to do drugs no matter what, they’ve been doing them for 1000’s of years. The Intelligence agencies (MI6,CIA,etc) might has well make some money (on the side) to help fund what the government won’t or can’t. By working with drug cartels they can at least keep a tab on things and create somewhat of a working relationship (and maintain some influence). Cartels(or Drug Lords,etc) can also keep down insurgent type elements in the various countries thus ensuring advancement of western interests. Today’s drug lords can be tomorrows politicians! At least they are capitalists! As well all this money can be used to make sure our “friends”, even if they are unpopular in their own countries, will continue to stay in power.

By keeping drugs illegal (even having small amounts) we can pick and choose the winners and losers as well as continue to create a permanent underclass (ie slaves to the system) that can’t vote or own firearms because they’ve been through the prison system. These people will do all the menial jobs that nobody wants anyway (those criminal records are permanent), and hey maybe they’ll keep doing drugs so we can bust em again and keep the prison industrial (privatized) complex going. When the worker bees get sick (cancer, depression, etc) our friends at Big Pharma can keep em going with the legal drugs until they are broke and desperate and turn back to illegal ones (CIA wins again). Druggies are losers anyway and good wholesome folks wont use drugs so who cares?

Washington Redskins injured starting quarterback Doug Wiliams stands behind First Lady Nancy Reagan holds a jersey presented to her by Williams prior to the start of game against the New York Giants at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., Oct. 2, 1988. The ceremony marked the Redskins’ salute to the First Ladys’ “Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

A quick summary: When you do hard drugs your money goes to supporting just about everything that’s wrong with the world, destroying yourself, your family and other relations. Hard drugs also support global empires, criminals (especially the ones that wear suits!) and human misery ,big banks and funding war. In the name of “The War Against Drugs” people’s lives are being destroyed, drug interdiction is also the buzz word for suppressing people in countries around the world, by propping up western corporate friendly governments (aka authoritarian regimes in the “third world” / developing economies). The proverbial “them”, New World Order, whatever you want to call the Elites (who run global banking) are always on the winning side with drugs. They want you to do drugs, it keeps you controlled and disenfranchised. The War on Drugs is just another layer in the perpetual war that Orwell warned us about. Do hard drugs and your helping them win.

Just say NO, to hard drugs. Evil von Scary

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