The Rule of Law:

We’ve heard about it from school at some point, maybe passing mention somewhere from someone. Then again maybe you do know what it is. Its a straightforward concept-

No one is above the Law and all are equal before it. That includes politicians, bankers, executives, regular folks. Also known as the Legality ( Правовое государство) in Russia or Rechsstaat in German. The Rule of Law is there to limit powers of governments in preventing dictatorships and protecting the people. 

Problem is that we have been seeing that the Rule of Law has been getting turned into Rule of Law If You Have the Money for Lawyers! Interesting that our helpful brainwashing media shows us that the “beautiful people” can create havoc, destroy lives and commit crime but get to go to rehab while mere mortals go to jail. Been that way forever you might say and you might be right. But things are starting to change and for the better. The world is becoming more aware and waking up all the time, I think that we are fast approaching that critical mass of over 10 percent (the so called 100th monkey concept).

There has been quite a few examples around the world of local law officers refusing to tow the line from overbearing governments.

 The situation currently is not that unlike of eastern Europe before the collapse of Communism. There are allot of parallels and lessons to be learned as a template for the post NWO or collapse of the New World Order.
The global elites or the powers that be (TPTB) are starting to feel the pinch and as the case throughout history they are trying to tighten the screws through a global security and surveillance net. Problem is though the cats already out of the bag, hacktivists are fighting back, people are in the streets the world over and are all ages and creeds speaking up.

So the question now I guess is “what to do when we win” do we have a Nuremberg trial for the likes of  Henry Kissinger, the Bush’s, Sauds, Rockefellers, Rothchild’s, Bernake,etc? Do we string em up? Off with their heads vis a vis the French Revolution?

What would we do with a “defeated” New World Order and their flunkies? Will it be chaos and blood in the streets as the globalists fear and envision. Should it be a revenge thing? I think not. The best solution would be to not just let them slink back into obscurity like at other times in the past. Setting up truth and reconciliation commissions to get the story out about the hows and whys would go a long way to preventing this type of thing in the future. Otherwise a violent overthrow would send us into social chaos and probably just replace on set of tyrants with another. More than likely the NWO would just put out some expendables for sacrifice. Examples of post Communism in the eastern European states I think provide a case sample of what can happen,the Lustration process in dealing with former Communists and secret police informants. A serious study of their successes and failures is critical. So we need start thinking (in all our various movements and causes) about WHAT TO DO WHEN WE WIN! – eVs.

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