suspectsfranceshootingTerrorist attack. Paris, France.

Shooting with 2 gunman at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices on January 7th,2015. 12 people were killed by the assailants who were claiming to be acting on behalf of Al-Qaeda. Later Al-Qaeda called it “inspiring” through a spokesman but did not claim direct involvement. France lately has been a target of terrorist actions (marked as “Islamist”). Granted with France’s large Muslim population Islamist militants can blend in easily with the local populace and have a support base. French gun laws just proving again that bans don’t work if bad people want to get them.

rumorsSo now starts the rumor mill. Is this just Operation Gladio 2.0? A strategy of tension in Europe and elsewhere as we have seen in the past? Allegedly these gunman were reacting to a cartoon that offended their religious sensibilities from that morning. Does seem a little too planned out to be ad-hoc. It would seem this hit was rehearsed and the offices were a target rich environment for their (the terrorists) operation being that a press meeting was in place with the editorial staff.

This video is interesting in showing some concerns with the official story. Viewer discretion advised.

Another video raising concerns with the official story

While I’m glad that there are folks out there questioning things I’m a extremely leery of the “crisis actors” or “fake blood” crowd. To have people who have never been in a combat zone, emergency room or survived a liquor store knock over, making comments on the realism of a shooting or how weapons work galls me a little. The above videos DO point out some very interesting points such as the wearing of body armor on apparent “bystanders” or the differences between vehicles (that were reported as being the same vehicle) etc. As I’ve pointed out some of these people unwittingly (or willingly?) detract from the real conspiracies going on in our world and should use their energies in dealing with the real issues at hand.

Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine in France that is uses equal opportunity parody and pokes fun at all religions, political parties and people. #JeSuisCharlie is the hashtag for those supporting the victims of the attack as well as press freedom.

Thank you for tuning in, Evil von Scary

UPDATE: recently it has come to my attention that the lead Police Commissioner in the Charlie Hebdo investigation committed suicide at the police station where he worked with his own service pistol. This was on or about 1300hrs local time Thursday January 8th, 2015. Was Helric Fredou overcome with grief or did he know something? We may never know. -EvS

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