Im sure many have heard about subliminal advertising in the movie theater that would have say one frame in every hundred suggesting things like “hungry? eat popcorn”. Did it ever work? Not that anyone has scientifically proved. Or have they? 

Next question is it legal or illegal? Apparently in the United States it was outlawed as well as in the U.K and other countries…… So if it didn’t work then why is it illegal? 

 Most likely because the general public and a fit and politicians scrambled off their burning chairs and did something. Even if it didn’t work the idea behind such manipulation should make anyone’s skin (or brains) crawl. There has been recent subliminal adverts but done in such a way as a contest, ie you find it it gives you details on some prize or other.

Subliminal Programming. The FCC sometimes receives complaints regarding the alleged use of subliminal techniques in radio and television programming. Subliminal programming is designed to be perceived on a subconscious level only. The Commission has held that the use of subliminal perception is inconsistent with the obligations of a licensee and contrary to the public interest because, whether effective or not, such broadcasts are intended to be deceptive.” (39 Federal Register 3714, January 29, 1974) (Note: The Federal Register prior to 1995 is not available online.)”

Much of the flap around subliminal advertising was from the book called “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Bryan Key. Although apparently many ideas were later refuted by “experts” an interesting article on subliminal advertising takes a newer look with some interesting tests done with some results showing that perhaps subliminal does work as a “primer”. Article from Psychology Today. 

I always wondered about those late night T.V. food commercials or what I call “food porn”, lol. The following video is a filmed lecture at Chapman University by Dr. Bernard McGrain discussing advertising and psychology manipulation.

So there you have it subliminal advertising (by itself) does not work. But in combination with other factors maybe it does (ie sleep deprivation, psychotropic drugs, preexisting mental conditions,etc). The Telegraph has an article that scientists are now claiming it does work…….

So what about hidden messages in music and movies? The so called back-masking, you know Ozzy told me to kill the neighbors type stuff. Various court cases against usually heavy metal groups (always an easy target of most prudes) came to no avail. But there are cases where messages were confirmed to be there. Listverse has a top 10. 


Now for more hidden messages.. in film. I saw a blog claiming that the latest Batman Movie contained the words Aurora and Sandy Hook and somehow had a connection to the latest mass shootings to take place in the United States. I think it would be easy to dismiss this as mere fantasy or “conspiracy theory” nut bar stuff. But you really gotta wonder sometimes.  

Of course though hindsight is 20/20 we could all look back and say oh such and such a movie had a warning of that. But sometimes things are just a little too weird and damned close. For instance the T.V. show called “Lone Gunmen”  a spin-off from the “X-Files” had an episode that had a radio controlled passenger plane that would crash into the Twin Towers in NYC, 6 months before 9-11. In the show the hero’s foil the plan but unfortunately that not how it played out in reality. That’s a fact folks, not an urban legend. Interestingly the show had “former” CIA advisers for developing their stories. 


Alan Watt a researcher and commentator, lecturer, well lets just call him a Renaissance man (the guy really does do allot, lol) he has been discussing media and social manipulation for a long while. He claims that newspapers, movies and television do send messages and that it is “the big boys” communicating and sending messages to each other. Dunno the jury’s still out but it does give some interesting thought. -EvS


****UPDATE JANUARY 7th 2013*******************An interesting update to the school shootings at Sandy Hook. Apparently another target( as revealed in the latest Batman movie) has been speculated on in Narrows, VA, USA. Enough concern that the local Sheriff’s Department takes it seriously. Our good friend George over at The Conspiracy Cafe has been tirelessly and doggedly chasing this story down revealing what most others have been missing!   -EvS

Schools close after ‘Batman’ theory connects Newtown, Aurora shootings; predicts future target

Posted on: 9:43 am, January 2, 2013, by , updated on: 09:49am, January 2, 2013

An online article claims to have found a connection between the shootings in Aurora and Newtown. It also includes a potential future target for 'the next school massacre.' (Photo: RevelationNow) An online article claims to have found a connection between the shootings in Aurora and Newtown. It also includes a potential future target for ‘the next school massacre.’ (Photo: RevelationNow)

GILES COUNTY, Va. – On Wednesday, most students headed back to school in Virginia. But not those in Giles County.
School was canceled for those students due to an online article that claims to have found a connection between the Aurora and Newtown shootings, as well as a possible future target in Giles County.
The article is entitled: “The Next School Massacre Target?” It’s posted on the website, which typically caters to conspiracy theories and UFOs.
“If you have been following the articles here,” the anonymous author writes, “you will have discovered a connection between the Aurora, Colorado and the Newtown, Connecticut (Sandy Hook Elementary) massacres and ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’”
The article claims that Sandy Hook, the elementary school where 26 people were gunned down in December, is referenced on a map in the latest Batman film.
“Commissioner Gordon, briefly drags his hand across the ‘SANDY HOOK’ part of the map, at 1 hour and 58 minutes into the film,” the author writes. “What are the chances of this being a coincidence? Is this a subtle blue print being followed by sick individuals? What other clues can be gleaned from the map?”
According to WDBJ, authorities in Narrows, Va. gleaned at least one. Considering the word “Narrows” also appears on the map in the Batman film, the Narrows School District in Giles County closed all of its schools Wednesday.
“We have to take this as serious information,” Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons said. “But we also want to emphasize that no threat has been made to any school system here in Giles County.”


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  1. Well done. I can say with no compunction that Obama is not a father figure for me. lol
    I studied this subject in university. I find it fascinating. One start for people is to record what they want to watch and zap the commercials.
    It’s the rebellious folk of the world that help keep things on a more or less even keel. They seem to be losing the media war however and are villainized by the puppet masters.

  2. “When government is afraid of the people, you have democracy. When people are afraid of the government, you have tyranny”. Jefferson

    What do you have now?

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