Sometimes it might take us awhile to figure out some pieces of the puzzle as we’re not the all seeing and knowing around here but we do find the pieces and sometimes get a better picture. As a follow up with the “Where the hell is Kyrgyzstan and why should I care” article and another article of Karzai’s brother’s murder ( and lets not forget Hamid Karzai was a former CIA asset as well as an adviser for Unocal .
I’ve been trying to figure out why so much blood and treasure has been expended to “tame” Afghanistan. The excuses have been humanitarian and other altruistic reasons as most of us know are complete bullshit. Then there was the focus of Afghanistan being covered in Rare Earth Elements. Ok, maybe good enough to get some investors in there but not in general keeping with the big plan.

Turns out that Afghanistan is the only really viable pipeline route from the Caspian Basin to markets in China and Japan as well as to an international port outside of the volatile Mediterranean area. This will be increasingly important to U.S. corporate interests as the U.S. will be importing almost 70% of its oil by 2025. 

Dick Cheney in 1998 (then he was CEO of Halliburton at the time) addressing the Collateral Damage Conference, Cato Institute 1998, June 23rd  was talking about Afghanistan back then.

Jean Charles Brisard the french reporter and author of “Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth” says in his book that when talks broke down between Centgas (Unocal) and the Taliban in 1997 the negotiators told the Taliban reps ” either accept our carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs”. Not exactly what I would call a negotiation.

In looking at the events of September 11th, 2001 some items of interest in the days before, and some critical clues get overlooked.

insider trading the day before the 9-11 attacks,  defence money going missing to the tune of 2 Trillion, Donald Rumsfeld had to fess up that he didn’t know where it went on September 10th, 2011.

and lets not forget everyone’s favorite bad guys the “NEO-CONS” were talking about needing a new “Pearl Harbour” for creating a “New American Century”

Funny how U.S. bases in Afghanistan line up perfectly with the proposed pipeline.  And for those who have an interest in the numerology/symbology end of things Unocal has a 76 (7+6=13!) and that orangey red globe could be mars=the god of war! well maybe were reading too much into that one but who knows. On a further note Unocal is now owned by Chevron who’s symbol is alleged to represent a square over another square symbolizing that they are in control!  -EvS

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