Not that long ago a mini robot called Kirobo, (not to be confused with Robonaut  which has already been used) made by Toyota (and a few other groups) was sent up to the ISS (International Space Station). This prelude to Artificial Intelligence was put into a compact kind of “cute” form, and can apparently interact with human emotions, take cues, etc. Bionics, nanotechnology, medicine will these also change mankind as trans-humanists say? Will “normal” or naturally born humans become extinct? Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Zeitgeist supporter (smells too much like grape drink aka “Jonestown Kool-Aid”) with the whole Zeitgeist/Venus Project, that whole thing (in my opinion) is just another technocratic fascist wanna be system. To be fair here is a link to their site. But don’t come looking for donations unless your looking for ones made of lead or copper jacketed. Just another Scientology/Sea Org scam as far as I can see. 

So the future of (strong) AI will more than likely be helper robots (ie butlers) and sex bots. Thing is though what do we do when they become smarter than we are? What about motivations? Now granted having an android to do the dishes, mow the lawn, watch the kids and satisfy other needs sounds good to some. Maybe even have AI doctors, soldiers,etc. So what happens to the rest of the human race when androids are pretty much making the world go around, what do the rest of us do? Watch T.V.? Live on the street because nobody will hire humans? Is this the future that the New World Order types have in mind? First lets take a quick look at AI, then we will get into the “trans-humanism”. Like it or not this shit is going on, its not just a fringe thing. Now as to when it will happen, its already happening. Really it’s just a matter of how fast these changes will happen.

There are some arguments still ongoing about whether we can even achieve so called Artificial Intelligence or as I’m starting to learn what should be called Strong Artificial Intelligence.  The difference being our ideas of Sci-Fi androids (SAI) of film vs those chess computers(AI).

Perhaps it’s time to get some laws in place, such as hiring of AI in the workplace or using it in warfare, etc. Should we look at AI rights? Maybe I’m being a bit of a modern Luddite in my concern about AI. Then again the Luddites were no better off at stopping machinery back when. So using that then maybe we should look at AI as an inevitability and start asking hard questions on how to deal and live with it. Another scary thing is that it is accepted that AI can also rewrite or upgrade its code (the computer language that tells it what to do and how to do it).

What about knowing the difference between androids and humans? Blade Runner was a great film about such a future and an agent named Decker who finds rogue androids. This test is an actual test developed by Turing to distinguish between real humans and artificial ones. Alan Turing was also a mathematician and codebreaker as well as one of the first to actually write on Artificial Intelligence. The guy was a frickin genius had a sad life and died early. However his contributions were enormous.

Some other really scary stuff from the egg heads is something called a Singularity event.  First brought up by Vernor Vinge.
This event will mark the end of humankind. Yup that simple. Think SKYNET ala Terminator, etc. But is it really? Or just the end of mankind as we know it.

Taking Turing tests and the like aside initially true AI (or SAI) may be confined to a lab like a researched disease or virus that nobody really knows what it can do. This is where the AI Box Experiment comes in. The premise behind the AI-Box Experiment as put forward by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky(broken down into crayon again) is if humanity were to create A.I. then it should be kept in a box with no hard wired or WIFI connections to internet, manufacturing etc in order to monitor it. The argument being that the A.I would eventually convince someone ( a human guardian) to “let it out”.

So a final bit on AI as brought forward from Eliezer S. Yudkowsky at a lecture

In all of the various experiments around the world the AI gets out in way too high of a frequency that should be comfortable to anyone.


We’ve already seen it in a sense with artificial limbs, eyes and now growing human organs. Heck even brains! People taking enhancement drugs could also be considered “transhuman“.

 So what all this trans-humanist business? I’ll try to “break it down into crayon”:
(gif below of the “Laughing Man” from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex– watch this!)
The official definition: 

“Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.[1] Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman“.[1]”

The Evs Simplified version:

to quote on of the killer replicants from Blade Runner “more human than human“, become like the bionic man/woman or upload your brain into a synthetic body. Live longer than normal, become god-like. Control human evolution!  Note- The Commies and Nazis were really into creating the perfect man or post human man or superman. But to be fair the mainstream transhumanists are really dead set against any Nazi or Commie ideas. Its not them I worry about though.

The Japanese through their artistic mediums of Anime and Manga have really tackled the pro’s and con’s of AI,SAI,Transhumanism, etc through story telling as well as cultural identification. Some really great story lines that address the ethics of the aforementioned would be Akira, Appleseed, and Ghost in the Shell. Ghost in the Shell probably more so than almost all of them really addresses what it is to be human when the rest of the world is looking at augmentation and uploading of consciousness, etc. I cant recommend that one enough. Some good “Western” looks at this in film would be Blade Runner, The Matrix -which is influenced by Ghost in the Shell, Metropolis, and best of all for western films I would say Gattaca (1997). There are lots of other films but these ones I feel really address the issues.

In understanding “trans-humanism” the following documentary (I found) was pretty good in giving excellent information. Its called TechnoCalyps. Now a few of my fellow researchers will contend that the “powers that be” or the NWO leadership want to use this “trans-humanism” to the betterment of themselves to become like modern day Pharaohs, god-like super humans. Which all in all doesn’t surprise me. But with the seeming inevitability of the technology it would be better that we know and understand it. That it should not become the private preserve of the so called elites and be available to all. Thing is we need to start asking the hard questions now and not after.

So just because……. how can you take out a rouge android or robot? The U.N. has called for a ban on killer robots. One of the Pope’s tried doing that with crossbow’s and that didn’t fly either. Here’s just a few ways to take out that robotic trash or their close cousins the android and the “human” cyborg:

1/  Plager Katsumate Series-D blaster

 Decker’s gat from the Blade Runner movie, but unfortunatly this particular firearm is just a movie fantasy.

Some good info here on this prop

2/Desert Eagle .50 Cal 

or any other given .50 Cal handgun
at close range this is going to fuck shit up, whether its
a robot or synth skinned android. Bullets as fat as fingers
and  300 grain. A few of these rounds should do the trick!

3/ EMP Weapons 

Sure you might laugh, but Science Fiction is fast becoming science fact, cripes….. you just finished reading about robots and artificial intelligence.
If you’ve got a Nikoli Tesla/inventor/scientist type neighbor or any random Serbian high school grad in the area this shouldn’t be a problem getting one of these. The idea being you fry the circuits.

4/ AA-12 Shotgun – this thing is just ridiculous and I wish I owned 3 of em. If I have to explain this then there really is no hope for humanity.

5/ Ingenuity

Using the terrain and situation to your
advantage in unexpected ways.

Booby traps, clowns, whatever.

Your mind is the ultimate weapon!


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