Maybe I’m getting nostalgic in my old age, too many memories coming back and reminiscence. Songs where the lyrics are just as triggering (or more so) than the instrumentation.

Following 8 Track selections dedicated to those I served with in the army and on the streets before that…you know who you are.

1/ Leather Nun“Primemover”: Excellent Swedish punk rock. “I am the War God”

2/ Blue Oyster Cult“Veteran of the Psychic Wars”. Hadn’t heard this one in decades but at that time the lyrics didnt mean the same thing as they do now…..

3/Motorhead“In the Year of the Wolf” going a bit heavier with this track but fits the bill. Plus rings with the old street crew and the old platoon.

4/ KMFDM– “A Drug against War”– another track that meets both worlds. Was one of my favorites for timing machine gun burst (slow,sustained,rapid) rates. Its a machinegunner thing, pic a song or phrase to keep a tempo.

5/Alice in Chains-“Rooster”: was listening to this in the wife’s car. I was never an Alice in Chains fan but again listening to the lyrics I asked her, “this is a war song?!” So Rooster makes our number 5 pick.

6/Ramones“Havana Affair/Commando”: ok cheating a bit here, its two separate songs but hey its my selection. Think of it as a hidden bonus track! Dedicated to you Cold War vets– also the “secret squirrels” aka Intelligence operatives. “3rd Rule Is: Dont talk to Commies!”

7/Pink Floyd: The Wall – When The Tigers Broke Free- was a song really from The Wall movie but released on The Final Cut and other compilations. Dedicated to 2 LT.Eric Fletcher Waters (father of Rodger Waters) Z Coy, 8th Royal Fusiliers. KIA at Anzio February 18,1944. 

8/Slayer-“Ghost of War” anything Slayer would almost be a match or alot of other metal groups for that matter but this one in particular was in my life back when.

thanks for tuning in. Dedicated to all the brothers. Evil von Scary

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