Well like many folks Ive seen the Zika virus news clips and read about it in the papers. Of course various agencies (clamoring for funding more likely) and interests, warning us its going to be a “pandemic“.

I’m calling bullshit on the pandemic part, so what’s this all about?

ZikaslothLong and short from what I can tell is that mosquitoes bite pregnant women and the kids may turn out looking kinda funny- microcephaly. According to CDC the outbreaks in Brazil have led to “reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome“- so kinda like the flu and apparently nobody knows what causes it.

Having have dealt with pregnant women they are really easy targets for hyped media reports for crap like this and chances are pretty good reason can go right out the window when main stream media targets this particular demographic.

Why all the hype? Even the U.S. President is getting in on it (vis a vis his sponsors in Big Pharma to be sure) touting that something will be done to combat the Zika virus and advance research on it. This is the point I ask myself, “O.K.so what?, Cui Bono?”-aka “to whose profit?”. Turns out a company most probably haven’t heard of but should have called Intrexon Corp stands to make money from the Zika virus. And of course by way of using GMO’s in their research the monstrosity of Monsanto rears its ugly head. Intrexon of course is in Brazil and owns one of the world’s only GM (genetically modified) insect companies called Oxitec.

Could it be that all these companies have deliberately obscure names so that way a researcher is so bored the researchers don’t even bother looking into them?!! I digress though- plowing onward. Still with me so far?

It may be that Oxitec in their using modified mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies to control crop destroying pests may have just caused this “pandemic”(contemporary theory is that they do not however). Then of course the parent company, Intrexon, is waiting in the wings with a vaccine. Certainly after almost every media scare IntRexon shares only go up!

Intrexon’s board of directors has 2 interesting members: R.B. Shapiro- a Monsanto guy who was involved with aspartame and proponent in GMO seeds, oh yeah he’s also a Bilderberg man. Go figure! That’s why (as our long time readers know) I tell folks to pay attention to the yearly-past and present– Bilderberg members lists. These guys are going places in the New World Order!

Next one up- Jeff B. Kindler– former CEO Phizer- aka the boner pill guy, he was also a McDonald’s Corp (ie corporate death burger) man. He’s a smart guy with a nose for money and a sweet tooth for joining elite clubs of influence such as the Carlyle Group and others.

Looking through some of the more mainstream articles from the media we can see action words being used in the articles and commentators to ratchet the scare up.

zi7aydxykgmvs6hzntg2-“In Florida, 12 individuals have tested positive for the Zika virus — the mosquito-borne disease that’s currently raging across Central and South America.”- I put the italic on raging. It’s to bad, I really enjoy Vox. But their writers need to pay bills too, so time to time they have to be a part of the big fear machine to sell us drugs from birth to death (hey kinda sounds like the cigarette sales cycle -but BETTER!).

I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.” former Merck CEO Henry Gadsden in a Forbes interview 1976.

-Senate Democrats Urge Obama to Form a Response Plan to Zika Virus

Thanks NYT. Yup cuz the Senate has been a beacon of morale fortitude, lol. I could go on, but you’ve all seen or read about this one. The “conspiracy debunkers” will say that the GMO mosquitoes have been altered and the males can’t survive to adulthood and thus unable to spread anything. Inconvenient fact though is that Oxitec admitted in 2012 that there is a percentage of the GMO mosquitoes (a small one apparently 5-15%) that wont die off.  Now having said that I would not rule out deforestation and continued urbanization being culprits as well, not to mention a more “global” market and traveling being factors as well.

The Huffington Post has a pretty moderate article downplaying the fear mongering of Zika virus with some good facts but they wont name the names, guess thats our job being the “conspiracy guys” lol.

Its like H1N1, new scare….same old tricks. Thanks for tuning in, EvS.

EvSFollowersMay2015A special shout out to Ted S. and Phil S. thanks for your support!


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