Been a bit since last 8 track, I have a constantly song evolving list called “EvS Ultimate Song List”.

A kind of bucket list/”in case i get brain cancer” list of songs I will want to learn to play before I die, also will be the songs playing in the sound track when crossing off the names of “Mutherfuckers that need to die if I ever get brain cancer list” list. All kidding aside (except for slapping a dolphin in the yap, that’s gotta happen!), please enjoy this high energy EvS Psychotic 8 Track

1/ Thee Oh Sees– “Gelatinous Cube

Heard them for the first time last night, Thee Oh Sees hail from San Francisco, California, USA. Started in 1997. “Garage Rock” band. I don’t want to pigeonhole em (they stand on their own) but (in my opinion) shares music elements of White Stripes, Cramps, Iggy and the Stooges and maybe some Butthole Surfers. Their mellower stuff puts me in the mind of The Klaxons (Thee Oh Sees have been around at least a decade longer mind you).

2/G.B.H.Sick Boy

Hard fucking core classic punk. Been on of my favorites since the 80s. G.B.H. started in 1978 hailing from Birmingham, England. Probably one of the biggest influences on punk rock music.

3/Samhain (Misfits) “Bloodfeast”

The whole Misfits/Samhain/Danzig saga is a decades long (40 yrs!) tale of brotherhood (and a fan base that is more like a cult), egos, anger, breakups, reunions, feuds and yet the monster would not die! All of the members and former members of every incarnation have to be some of the hardest working musicians in the world. Lucky for us none of them ever quits nor stays apart too long. In case anyone’s been living under a rock. These guys hail from Lodi, New Jersey, USA since 1977.

4/ Samhain “Archangel”

Ive added this one (live version) as it has the raw energy that was always Samhain.

5/ Iggy and the Stooges “Search and Destroy”

Proto-punk? The natural evolution of rock n roll?Garage rock? Iggy and the Stooges started strong and 7 years later crashed and burned right the fuck out. Amazing band that would influence many to come after. From Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA in 1967. “Raw Power” get all the press but this one was my fav. Michigan produces a lot of good high energy music (see also White Stripes, MC5, Kid Rock,Bill Haley,etc, etc etc)

6/Day-Glo Abortions “Stupid Songs”

If you’ve ever seen em live you know they deserve to be on any psychotic list. A Canadian punk rock group from Victoria, British Columbia, starting in 1979. They looked at societal norms,promptly took a shit then put candles in it calling it art. Obscenity charges leveled against the band probably did more to give them fame than their extensive touring. Talented musicians with high energy and paragons of the “punk genre”. I respect that the have never given a fuck about what anyone thinks and stayed true to their ethos going out of the way to offend!

7/ The Cramps “Fissure of Rolando”

Where to even start. The Cramps are an iconic band that kept the flame of real Rock and Roll alive. Heavily influenced from the roots of rockabilly they have been credited with originating “Psycho-billy” to which they had downplayed that assumption. Assuredly one of the “headsy” bands out there. Tragically Lux Interior (from Akron, Ohio) had passed on in 2009 survived by his wife and band-mate Poison Ivy (from San Bernadino, California). Meeting in Sacramento (California) moved to Ohio and then on to New York City being one of the original groups getting their start at the famed CBGB’s. Also one of the only (first and last) rock groups to perform at a mental hospital.

8/ The Phantom Surfers “( i call my baby ) D.D.T.”

Another huge fave of mine. Surf music at its best bar none!! Put together at the last minute due to a cancellation at a show (University of Santa Cruz in 1988) the Phantom Surfers stepped up and emerged to bring back to the world the powers of surf music! The surf music genre has always been a bit weird, wacky, campy and spooky.

Well the tape reals done and this 8 track is ready to ship. Feel weve missed one of YOUR favorites? Feel free to message us and we may include your pick in an upcoming 8 track. Maybe I’ll do a fan faves 8 track.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary



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