Sometimes Black (or Grey) Ops, like shit, happens…….

kpfNot every bad thing or mass shooting or mass casualty event is created by “them” for starters. But there’s enough sketchy events in the world that screams “false flag“. Rarely considered though is the actual operators themselves, how these events stay secret. Many without military or police experience see military/police/secret service groups etc, as nothing more than faceless automatons. Reality is they are very human and not much different than anyone else.

Imagine (or some of our readers don’t really need to) that your a soldier (sailor,airman,marine,etal) or a police officer (or clandestine employee,CIA,etc) you start a fairly normal career path in your chosen field. An opportunity arises and your bosses have tapped you for a special assignment or group. Your ecstatic, pay raise or promotion– a chance to do something better outside of the norm, making a difference! Through a series of assignments and perhaps somewhat grey areas of legality you find yourself a bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Eventually your old job and way of life is a distant memory.

Saying no to an assignment or raising sticky questions is a sure fire way to find yourself off the team, a career killer not to mention letting down your team. You know these guys (better than your own family) who have always had your back, the buddies who have saved your life countless times. You go further down the rabbit hole and then it starts to weigh on you, some of the things you’ve had to do…. but if you go what about your family?

tumblr_neymqmxj4i1tz6s8uo1_500When you have something to lose you don’t tend to rock the boat. Your vulnerable and your bosses really know you better than you know yourself. Its how it works in black ops type teams. Throughout the experience there are always questions and tests, you never know if its a test but should always assume it is. Your being continuously evaluated(all of the time, it never stops).

tumblr_inline_n75nrbdq261s5at1tThose who don’t make the cut at any stage of the game fall by the wayside. Soon enough whether you want to stay or not there is no way out (yeah kind of like the mob, only way out is a body bag or “retirement“). Many who have come forward have also been ostracized or shunned by their fellow operators, in a situation where the Regiment (unit,team,squad) is effectively your family that can be catastrophic. Not to mention “plausible deniability“. Your government and or bosses are not going to let you embarrass them, all of a sudden Bob has “had a history of mental illness”, was a disgruntled employee, felt suicidal,etc. “They” hold all of the cards and you didn’t even know your playing poker.

Many get sucked into going along being told that “we have to do these things for the bigger picture” or that the enemy doesn’t play by the same rules- sometimes a few eggs have to broken to make an omelette,etc.

6de751c33d2ffc058723377cfe8fb1daWhen or if you do get out, don’t plan on writing a book or doing television interviews. Many countries have a “non-disclosure” style agreement such as the “Official Secrets Act“, Espionage Act (U.S.) or D-Notice. Penalties for talking are usually very harsh involving long stretches in prison, guaranteed to break up your family and destroy your life or those of who you used to serve with. And depending on what you know or did there may be extra judicial action taken against you or those you are close too. So easy for arm chair generals to say “Joe should have spoken out or said something“, recent history has shown all too well the treatment of whistle blowers. Refusing to not squeeze the trigger or detonate the bomb could result in liquidation.

Now having said that there are whistle blowers and others that have come forward to make public black ops and false flags. Operation Gladio is the big one. Also upcoming is Gladio “B” as brought forward by former F.B.I. contractor Sibel Edmonds

Now perhaps one the biggest whistleblowers up till Snowden was L.Fletcher Prouty who was also privy to many black ops from the post WW2 era.

Lets not forget the Church Committee hearings and their results also delving into black ops (U.S.) as well as the J.F.K. Assassination.

uvfvolunteers-jpegAre Black Ops necessary? I think so given certain situations but our societies need to decide that for themselves. Should there be more accountability, absolutely. Too many secrets does not promote the practice of free democracy and all to often only promotes the needs of the elites (business and politics) creating more fear thus control.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary

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