hillary-27Recently on RT News a segment on there called “Going Underground” interviewed Julian Assange about the DNC email leaks.

The email leaks resulted in people quitting the Clinton campaign and a flurry of counter accusations from the Clinton camp of Russian state hacking to influence the election.

On another note the FBI in charge of “investigating” the Clinton email leaks are also connected to the Clinton Foundation. Gee no potential “conflict of interest there”.

In the interview ,Julian Assange discusses those allegations and reveals more ties to Hillary Clinton and Russia than Trump. Donald Trump has tried via his hotel chain etc to get some business in Russia but hasn’t had any success. Of particular interest is ties to the Clinton Foundation and its uses in influencing political outcomes locally in the United States (Bernie Sanders standing down for the Democratic leadership run) and internationally- such as the Gulen Movement (re Turkey). The irony of RT News doing the interview (its a Russian state owned news agency) about alleged Russian state hacking of the DNC emails (the Clinton campaign is really flogging that horse…or donkey?) is not lost on Julian Assange who in the past has been accused of being an agent of Mossad, CIA, FSB, insert name of whatever here.

Some of the dirt we’ve pointed out previously regarding U.S. sending jihadists to Syria via Libya however now there is an actual money source attached to that re: The Clinton Foundation. I guess the Clinton Foundation (note Saudi Arabia is the largest donor) wants to add its name to the list of other sinister purpose groups such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Ford Foundation, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Gates Foundation, etc,etc.

048893592-octopus-world-leader-350x230Its another tentacle of the big evil octopus (yeah I know its a meme) trying to dominate the world. Why cant these people just be happy in life and stop playing at trying to rule the world? Well the common theory is that about 1% of the general population is either Sociopath or Psychopathic (there is a slight difference). Of interest that 1 percent is the same percentage of the so called elites in relation to the rest of us.

In 2012 the “conspiracy” researchers including yours truly were already telling folks that Syria was the next target in the NWO agenda. Makes sense also from Saudia Arabia’s world view of getting rid of those pesky non Sunni/Whabbist Muslims that don’t recognize Saudi Arabia’s dominance in the Middle East region. Problem is they’re all being played in the big game.

giphyThe U.S. 2016 Election (especially on the Clinton end) seems to have peeled back the curtain just a little and giving the public insight into just how corrupt and convoluted the whole system really is. For instance the people who wind up dead from the Clinton campaign( aka The Clinton Body Count). Again just because I like to be the Devil’s Advocate- here is a link from Snopes.com that disagrees with the recent claims on the body count. Keep in mind though that in the last couple of years Snopes.com has had its political leanings called into question when it started to make favorable claims for left leaning (ie US Democratic Party) groups and ideas and stacking the facts, compromising its previous reliability. Maybe the Clinton Foundation is giving them some money? Dun Dun Dun!!!!! Hhhmm….. maybe I will be looking into that….

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