27aurora1-popupJames Holmes, the apparent lone shooter who shot up a movie theater full of people (12 killed 58 wounded) during Batman: “The Dark Knight Rises“. Back in 2012 it took no time at all for the conspiracy wires to heat up talking about body doubles and multiple shooters. It was enough enough crap mixed in with the facts ,that outside of reading material coming in and cataloging it, I gotta admit walking away from this story.

Putting around the house doing some dishes I was tuning in to ,my favorite Irishmen who do a great podcast called “Those Conspiracy Guys“, a show on James Holmes.

They do a pretty detailed summary of the case (0ver 3 hours) and there was enough that it peaked my curiosity again and to put out an article. I won’t be getting into anywhere near the detail as we like to keep it short and to the point but I encourage anyone that want’s to know more to check out their show.

My interest in this though is any MK-ULTRA connections and loosely The GLADIO operations (or stay behind groups). Granted the process of creating Manchurian type candidates is not called MK-ULTRA anymore but it’s a term most of us know so until some other docs are leaked that’s what were going with. Also with a huge increase in “mass shootings” one has to wonder if the lessons learned in Europe vis a vis GLADIO and creating a “strategy of tension” are  being applied in the continental United States. Setting up gun control laws and other legislation? No, I’m not an NRA member lol.

A judge had also ordered a gag order on officials in Aurora from speaking about the case as well as the prosecution and defense. This is not entirely unusual from judges and does happen. The gag order also extended to places he used to go to school and work apparently.

One “witness” passed off as a fellow holding cell prisoner turns out to actually be a corrections officer, Desira Keys aka “Marie” from Fox 31 interview.

lw500f1b54This is just one example of various statements made publicly that turned out to be crap (police transcripts at time of shooting here). Why the deception? At this time I would also like to point out some odd coincidences involving the film and other shootings. Our friend George F at the Conspiracy Cafe has an interesting article and is always looking at the symbolism involved in large movies for the masses, studying predictive programming etc.

What happened to the reports of his room mates? Or that his apartment was booby trapped and it took the FBI 2 days to disarm it? Toronto Sun article still says that records show he has 2 roommates and gives link to MSNBC (another pic shows source as Reuters). Click on the link and no surprise its a 404. ie not there anymore. A reported “loner” later turns out when interviewing people that knew him presents a different picture.

Interesting is a video put out that shows an FBI warning a few days before about a movie theater planned terrorist attack…… Ive included screen shot below video.

405364_10151148910641383_1928281180_nFor a guy who was unemployed (did he even have health insurance?) to be able to afford to buy some serious body armor and weapons as well have psychologist appointments. Looking a bit further though shows that James was a student there so was covered through his scholarship? Still doesn’t explain the money for the gear. And when in the hell did he dye his hair? Nobody seems to be asking that one……

There is also a James Holmes notebook filled with ranting and doodles. For those into that kind of thing, here’s a PDF link.

I mentioned reports of “body doubles” before. Once I hear that kind of thing my bullshit radar starts going off. But here is an example of the body double conspiracy, might be something to it….

holmesThe movie theater emergency exit he apparently came through only opens one way. Later James supposed he propped it open at some point after being fed that by an investigator but what about the alarm that goes off when those doors open? Where’s the security camera footage from all of the various cameras in the area? That should prove or disprove most allegations and conspiracies! To date there is no footage released for the public. Police reports of more firearms found in theater than that were used. Police reports (see transcripts/audio) of two gas masks found as well. Plus the “blood trail” behind the theater that suddenly stops (getaway car?).

dark-knight-shooting-victims-mom-is-planning-to-sue-aurora-movie-theaterBefore the Aurora shooting James Holmes had been seeing a psychologist,Dr.Lynne Fenton, at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Some conspiracy sites will point out that the hospital was a recently decommissioned by the  U.S. Army’s Fitzsimons Army Medical Center. I checked out the Anshutz family whom the campus is named after from a huge donation (mostly Phillip) and no known connections to the usual NWO suspects.

Pretty simple- Phil Anshutz bought it out from the government and renovated it (ie asbestos removal,upgraded building codes,etc.). James was also an intern at the Salk Institute (known for MKULTRA links) but other interns were there and turned out just fine.

His psychologist is also the director of student mental health at the campus. Dr. Lynne Fenton said, on main stream media, that he (James) thought about killing 3-4 times a day. WTF?! she didn’t think this might be a problem? Guess that’s why she’s being sued.

To be fair though I couldn’t really find any connections between her and the infamous military industrial complex. Probably explains why the lawsuit is being allowed to go ahead. She’d also only dealt with James a handful of times, probably just to have it all nice and wrapped up. Various psychologists during the trial (I think it was at least 7 of them), bated out findings such as schizotypal personality disorder and schizoaffective disorder. His reported psychological profile does fit in with many MKULTRA victims. Granted there is an apparent history (a crazy aunt and a cousin or something) of mental illness in James Holmes’ family which many will look at and say “aha!”. Reality is that every family has someone effected with mental health so in my opinion not a significant factor.

shooting-dark-knight-rises-screening-coloradoSo there’s a few dead ends, and some questions. What about the family? What about James himself? He had a  Bachelor of Science degree grad, on a good scholarship (National Institutes of Health Neuroscience Training Grant). He was also in a Ph.D. neurosciences program before flunking the oral exam and then dropping out.

His mother was a psychiatric nurse who recently wrote a book, which of course has it’s own revision of historical facts but even mass murderers have mothers who love them.

James’ father worked for DARPA and HNC -developing cortronic neural networks, now he works for FICO. Make of that what you will. But work in neural networks and DARPA should raise some eyebrows.

James’ grandfather (Lt. Col. Robert Holmes) was a DIA guy while in the army, from my MKULTRA research the military intelligence field does like “keeping it in the family“.

video_image-455347Operation Fast and Furious? There’s been some alleged connections that this is how James Holmes got his expensive guns and gear. The operation was actually some kind of sting by BATF to get into the Mexican drug cartels buy selling them guns. Turns out this overall program was initially called GUNRUNNER (who  makes up these names?) had a very serious SNAFU and “lost” a thousand plus weapons, which may have wound up in the hands of James Holmes. President Obama has used “Executive Privileged” in trying to cover this up from Congressional oversight.

I will leave you gentle reader with a documentary link about James Holmes and programmed assassins. Thanks for tuning in- Evil von Scary


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