Liberals-Are-Bigots-And-HypocritesWatching the talking heads on the news today talking about veiled (pun intended) racism over women wearing hijabs and Canada’s “barbaric cultural practices” hotline to police. One might assume that when we are talking about “Muslims”, we are talking about Arabs. It would seem that those neer-do-wells screaming about racism are thinking that too. Problem is Muslims come in all shapes and sizes, as well as races. Most Muslims are Asian not Arabic. 

I’ve always found it funny that many so called “liberals”, decrying racism and sexism, are really just as guilty of racism as the so called “conservatives” or “republicans” they decry. Its a latent classism, rampant in many progressives. (The OFFS- “Everyone’s a bigot”)

nojewsBrings me now to the “Chosen People”, aka The Jews. If you go around bad mouthing Jewish people then you will eventually earn the sobriquet “anti-Semite”. Then again if one criticizes Israeli government policies the anti-Semite term gets thrown around pretty easily. Problem is though are Jews an actual people or a religion? Both? It’s been a subject of great debate among religious scholars , geneticists and historians alike, about as popular a topic as a fart in an elevator though.  Most Jews are not “Semitic” but Arabs and other peoples are. So how are Arabs being called anti-Semites but are they actually are Semitic themselves?  Easy answer- it’s bullshit.

We have too many people ignorant of the facts calling each other names that they have no idea what they mean. Says volumes about the state of our current Main Stream Media. Too lazy to get the facts.

I don’t support any of the religious or political views espoused by any of the above mentioned folks. There is racism in our society and it’s everyone’s. There’s no morale high ground. Just calling bullshit on the ignorance I’m seeing. Look past the rhetoric and name calling……

Thanks for islamophobia__giacomo_cardellituning in. – Evil von Scary.

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