Well by now many have at least heard of Google‘s AI called “Deep Dream”. They have also released the code for their A.I. for anyone to use online. #deepdream for the social media types.

Its caused a bit of a flap releasing A.I. onto the internet but this is hardly a true A.I. (at least as far as we can find out).

So what is it? The simple explanation is that its an “artificial neural network” (ie like an electronic brain) that has been fed images from all over the internet. Now we play around with it to feed it images while it “sleeps” and then get to see how “it” sees those images. Partly its a program designed to recognize images (it really has a thing for dogs) but sometimes it gets it wrong…….

Of course though we have to take it to the Nth level. So some warped mind decided to run “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” through it! Here’s a small look at the results!

So Kount Kreepy and I decided to send in some pics just for “shits n giggles” here’s the results…..

First a pretty standard pic of yours truly







Now after having #deepdream process it.







The next one was the Kount in a bar holding up a glass….

CJmQiuGWEAAMpU0  So at this point some of you may be asking where’s the links? I’ll add a few for different servers that will run your picture of choice through the #deepdream for you.

Keep in mind I’ve seen it take anywhere from a few hours to about a week that Im still waiting on for a pic. As it gets more popular expect longer wait times, but then again maybe more networks will pop up. Then again get it while its free as I would bet money that there will be for fee services coming soon (update one guy is doing it already for 5 bucks).

Now this fella tells you how to set it up for yourself! -Advanced computer users  recommended.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary.

Some links offering to run your pictures.


Psychic VR Lab

Deep Dream It

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