murrah_buildingMany remember the terrible tragedy of the OKC Bombing April 19th, 1995. I remember being at the Jr. ranks club and watching it on CNN, some of the old salts doubting a truck bomb was the only device used for the amount of damage done (eg the IRA had used bigger bombs with much less damage). Like many events in my experience I started to question the official narrative, especially when things didn’t add up. But this was before the Internet was a popular as it is today and I was still in active service and years away from even dreaming of writing anything called a blog!

Timothy McVeigh and “Domestic Terrorism” both became household names and labels. “The simple story” is a white supremacist, anti government, patriot type blew up a federal building with an improvised explosive in a truck killing 168 people including woman and children. There’s a slight problem though, the FBI may have known (or more likely BATF) it was going to happen, and let it happen.

a999strassmeir_2050081722-35495(Andreas Strassmeir– John Doe No.2?)

Even worse ,others allege that the FBI may have even helped it happen and there may have been a tie in with the WTC bombing in 1993. Were these events a return to the bad old days of COINTELPRO? Operation CHAOS? The government alleges that Timothy McVeigh did the bombing as payback for the Waco Siege and subsequent shootout and massacre, a big frame up of militias and associated anti-government types, pro gun groups, freedom and Constitutional types.

So what ties all these people,agencies,events together. Now we are told there is no conspiracy but the volume of government lies (to be fair they prefer “retractions”) and misinformation surrounding the events that day (agents being told to stay home– foreshadowing of 9-11) really should be concerning to anyone. Also not one BATF agent was present at 9AM on a weekday- said they were on an all night stakeout but never divulged where……

Just some of the items that should have people screaming BULLSHIT!!

  • Missing video from security cameras… still! FBI claims they lost them. Wow seems to happen allot! Utah attorney Jesse Trentadue has been trying to get them through FOIA and the courts.
  • John Doe No.2 – FBI said there was no other accomplice but still started their own investigation to track him down.
  • the same engineers (FEMA Building Performance Assessment Team ) who supported the government claims a truck bomb did all the damage were also the same ones called in for the WTC buildings after 9-11.
  • the “suicide” of Sgt. Terrance Yeakey (OKC Police Department) who was calling bullshit on the official narrative found dead after slitting his own throat and wrists,climbed a barbwire fence, ran a mile to a country road and shot himself in the head at a very odd angle.
  • changing official narrative:truck axle from the Ryder truck(found two blocks away instead of being blown into the crater or destroyed) stated as a GM VIN number and matching the Ryder rental. GM retorts saying they never put VINs on truck axles. Official narrative changed to Ford.
  • Bomb drills conducted right before the actual bombing , seems to be a “coincidence” that happens all too often!
  • testimony and research of Brigadier General Benton R. Partin (USAF Ret) ignored and subsequent attempt at character assassination.

There’s no shortage of materials out there on the OKC Bombing (unless you want non redacted government documents- big short on those!). Even the most hardened skeptics should have questions themselves. Eerily the parallels watching old news coverage and videos from then and later coverage of 9-11 have too many parallels.

The following video is a really good doc on Timothy McVeigh.

SO we need to ask why? Why the bombing? What did the government have to gain by it?

Turns out sensitive documents (Mena [note alleged Clinton connections] drug trafficking and its ties to Iran/Contra investigation) were stored at the OKC Bombing site aka The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. So there’s that. Also as typical in a “strategy of tension” situation a traumatic event leads the public to support a certain political agenda. This agenda turns out to be support for the Omnibus Counter Terrorism Act of 1995 that was signed into law following the events of the OKC Bombing. Infamously this was also the ground work for the later Patriot Act(s) {note Joe Biden} passed after 9-11. This perhaps being one of the events that started the slide toward the modern surveillance state.

One of these days we will learn the truth.

Thanks for tuning in, Evil von Scary

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  1. Dude, ok..ok.. here I was sitting in a hotel supposedly on my honeymoon in Phoenix and I turn on the news only to find out the federal building was bombed in Oklahoma. Felt like the beginning. that’s some scary s*** dude.

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