flea-circus-brochure-side-2Thanks to our various contributors for sending me information on John Taylor Gatto.

Have to say this guy is really an interesting speaker (and author) and gives Noam Chomsky a run for his money. Think George Carlin without the comedy routine. John’s analogies and lectures really break it down and give us all a unique insight into just how our western society has become the way it is through our “education”(aka indoctrination) system. My new favorite analogy of our society as compared to a Flea Circus:

John is a former teacher (and award winning educator) and is currently a public speaker (for educational reform), documentary maker and libertarian.

Excellent insights and historical perspective, cant say enough about Mr.Taylor’s lectures. Thanks again to our contributors for turning me onto this guy, really appreciate all that you guys do.

Thanks for tuning in! -Evil von Scary

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