Gloria-Steinem-02Is it “them” you know the CIA? Or is the CIA just a tool of someone else? Some would speculate that it’s the CIA and their backers that have been setting American policy (and visa vis “Western Policy”) since at least Eisenhower‘s time with a minor blip during the Kennedy administration. Even going so far as to try and shape American society.

Operation Mockingbird was used as a CIA vehicle to have influence over U.S. media, that much is public knowledge. But just how far was that reach, editorial articles? Gatekeepers? Turns out that and more. Even certain causes such as Feminism it turns out has CIA control. One of the more famous feminists, Gloria Steinem, was (does anyone ever really stop being CIA?) a CIA agent by her own admission and later it turns out had deeper involvement.

I get it though. The CIA is one of the original “equal opportunity employers”, maybe that’s how Gloria had seen the situation. Other feminists did not however. The left-wing Woman’s group called “Redstockings” called Gloria out on her CIA connections, but she denied continued involvement. The Ford Foundation, as many of the NWO researchers know, has it’s own particular “New World Order” agenda. The Ford Foundation was also a patron of young Gloria’s idealism.

The concept of “controlled opposition” is as old as the concept of empire. Breaking it down into crayon it works like this:

wolf_in_sheeps_clothing12-326x159Every empire has enemies, enemies help glue together the various people of an empire into a common purpose. Empires will also have internal dissent, or those who don’t like how the system works. In order to make sure your enemies don’t control internal opposition you create the internal opposition attracting members and keeping tabs on it, therefore making sure foreign enemies aren’t in control. Thus empire keeps control.(“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” 
– Vladimir Lenin)

So now we come back to Gloria Steinem, funded by “the system”. She may have walked away from those roots, she may not have. There are plenty of “real” feminist leaders and movements out there that aren’t co-opted by shadowy groups and social engineering players but feminists and their supporters need to know that there are these individuals and groups who would use their ideals for their own agendas.

Thanks for tuning in. Evil von Scary

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