I was inspired to explore this issue from a blog posted by David Lallas at RTR.org. His blog was entitled simply “Open or Close” in reference to whether America should open up or close it’s borders to immigrants. A simple question with no simple answer.

Illegal immigration has been a continuous concern throughout history from ancient China to Rome up to current times in the United States and Europe. From the viewpoint of Native Americans anyone showing up after 1492 A.D. are certainly illegal immigrants!

This is certainly one of those “hot button” issues politicians love to use against each other and keeps us divided. It’s also one that there will never be a real solution to as most are happy with the status quo.  And really is there anything anyone can do about it anyway? Some say there is others are way over on the other side and saying open the borders.

So what are the incentives for illegal immigrants?

Host countries offer work. The money of host countries goes further than back in “the old country”. For instance someone coming from Mexico to the United States can work an under the table job and start sending money back home where the U.S. Dollar goes allot further than Mexican Pesos! Just checking today 100.00 USD = 1,285.28 MXN. For instance going out to eat in Mexico one can expect to pay about 100 Pesos for a decent dinner. So doing the simple math its about 8 bucks. Housing, food, etc (except cars it’s usually cheaper to buy in the U.S.). I.e. the important family things.

Compare salaries, the amount an illegal worker can make in the U.S. is vastly higher than in Mexico. 
I think it’s safe to say that for the most part most illegal (and legal for the most part) is economic. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of folks who would trade sunny skies and palm trees for a prairie winter.  Employers like to use illegal immigrants because they don’t ask questions, work their asses off and quite simply are disposable with limited recourse and open to all sorts of abuse. 

(Apparently though illegal immigrants can sue for lost wages due to personal injuries.)

Of course Forbes tells us that it’s the Governments fault not business. Well I call bullshit on that, its both.

Now this article is sure to piss off some people, well so be it. Take your small minds somewhere else. I have friends that are immigrants and probably knew a few illegal ones. So before some wanna be lefty liberal calls racism, go frik yourself. It’s time to face this issue (and many others) despite how much discomfort it may cause us all.

Some questions, perceptions and reality with illegal immigration:

“we are already a nation of immigrants.” False. most people in the western world (almost 90 percent) are native born. ie they were born in their host country. This is one of those lefty make us all feel inclusive. Its right up there with the whole multiculturalism argument. Lets just take at the former Republic of Yugoslavia to see how that worked out. Segregation and ghettos that’s what we get out of that kind of thinking. It’s more divisive than inclusive and creates a bunch of hyphenated citizens who are divided instead of united!

 “it lowers wage expectation for similar jobs done by host countries lower skilled workers.” True. Other argue that illegal immigrants simply do the jobs that Americans won’t. Again bullshit, Americans just aren’t willing to do risky jobs for peanuts. 

“illegal immigrants cause more crime.” False. The numbers don’t show that at all. Most illegal’s are doing what they can to make money and stay “off the radar”.

“Illegal Immigrants scam welfare.False. Gotta have the proper I.D. and credentials to qualify. Your here illegally I can’t see how your going to collect.

Just take a quick look at the meat packing industry in the U.S., mostly illegal immigrants  and one of the worst safety records of any industry bar none.

A really good book lays it all and covers aspects of illegal immigration in the fast food industry, meat packing, produce, etc called Fast Food Nation. I would recommend this as a good read to anyone interested in the subject. If your a meat lover it won’t stop you from being one but will certainly make you think about your source of protein first.

Eric Schlosser has another book exposing the Black Market in America featuring pot, porn and illegal immigrants.

Illegal Immigration – The Scapegoat (A Liberty Perspective)

well that’s enough of my 2 bits. send hate mail or otherwise in the comments below. -EvS

One thought on “Illegal immigrants, should we close the borders?

  1. We can understand why people risk everything to find a better life. Africans look to Europe just as South and Central Americans look to North America for opportunity. Europe has an open borders policy within the European Union (EU) that makes it difficult to track anyone once they have entered a European country. Europe’s answer (so far) has been to try to interdict ships at sea and return all illegal aliens they find en flagrante. Switzerland’s reasonable law to deport any foreigner convicted of a serious crime is met with outcries of “human rights” violations. Nonsense! Banishing criminals is justice. A great concern in Europe is the number of Muslims already there who help and protect each other. Islam is now the fastest-growing religion in Europe (and Africa).

    Several countries (Italy for Ecuadorians and Spain for Hondurans) have discovered that the tightening economic situation in the United States has caused an influx of South and Central Americans, all of whom require no visas to enter any country of the EU. France is beset with African immigrants, many from its former colony Algeria. Most North Africans are Muslims. France has suffered street violence that has caused an outcry to send all illegals back where they came from. Europe has not found common ground for forging a political solution. Further, of greatest concern is that lacking border checks between member states, Europeans are very opposed to admitting Turkey’s 40 million Muslims to the EU.

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