EvilELLOThanks to SKTFM for getting us into the ELLO thing. I still don’t have much of a clue as too what or how to use it just yet. But that’s how I felt about Twitter at the time and now Im on that all the fricking time.

Ive sent out a few invites to a few of our fellows but Im holding onto two invites for our fans.

Send us an email (evilvonscary@evilvonscary.com) or tweet (@Evilvonscarry ) with maybe a song, a cool lyric, a good story,etc. I’ll take entries for a few days, names will be drawn at random. Thanks to all who participate. Winners will be posted on the twitter. Winning names withheld upon request. Subject line ‘Ello’

ELLO on MSM- thanks for tuning in! -EvS

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