Welcome to The Last Week or so In Review. A summary of our various articles, commentary and contributions from our various media sources,readers and contributors. Thank you to those who submit articles. Here we go:

1/CDC and CNN covering up Autism and Vaccine links?
I really don’t want this to be true but they have. Don’t get me wrong I think that MMR vaccine is a good thing because I for one do not want to see the return of measles, mumps or rubella and same goes for Polio. However there IS a huge push for all too many vaccines and the frequency in which they are given.  Granted there are some wonderful things in the drug industry that save lives. It’s when those same industries and interests  having so much extra money to try and lobby (ie manipulate) governments that people start getting their backs up. When those same companies try to hide evidence and findings that don’t paint a rosey picture of a particular product… people get upset. We see the same executives of those drug companies leave the boardrooms and go to “think tanks”, “advisory boards” and right into the halls of government decision making. Those executives then start changing laws to benefit those drug companies to help them make more money to do more lobbying to change more laws to get their own people elected into power….. see the real problem now? I don’t want to understate the problems that many face when certain unproven vaccines have destroyed health and lives or in some cases where proven vaccines have hit that unfortunate percentile adversely. Consequently the companies are flushed with cash, why in the hell when one of THEIR products hurts someone are they not responsible to do the right thing? Because of the “real problem”.

2/Ferguson, MO

In Ferguson ( #OpFerguson) the police employed a “kill switch” during protests there as to censor media before they started cracking down as well as preventing activists and ANON elements from any kind of coordination. Outside of the tragic events there it was also a quick study of the future of domestic operations in asymmetrical warfare. Events there are also laying bare (again) that America is still a few meals away from social breakdown.

3/ The Internet….. attempting to tame a digital “Wild West”
Seems governments everywhere wants nothing better than to “tame” the monster that DARPA created. It’ll never happen completely, the genie is already out of the bottle. Doesn’t mean “they” won’t try though. Recently it was reveled that GCHQ in the U.K. as well as NSA are attempting to target TOR browsers. For those not into the net thing I will break it down into crayon- TOR is a browser (ie like Firefox or Internet Explorer,Safari,Chrome,etc) that is employed by advanced computer users to hide their identity as well as be able to access the “Deep Web” or “Dark Internet“…. Ive already said too much..quick smash your computer and burn the house down….RUN YOU FOOLS!!! Ok it’s not that bad but unless you want to take the red pill dont bother looking into Dark Web or Dark Net and Tor browsers unless you know what you may be getting into. Thats the sketchy part of the internet, the deep end of the pool and there’s no life guards but plenty of sharks. Keep in mind the Deep Web is also were intelligence agencies play their dark cyber games.

4/ The Ukraine

If this doesn’t make story of the year I don’t know what will. Ukraine has been on the radar for me since the whole Ukrainian Flu and the incident with Joseph Moshe and his attempt at blowing the whistle it was a man made flu on Los Angeles radio (I did find a “skeptic” link saying its not the same guy but more evidence indicating it was….welcome to the web…). There was also the 2004 poisoning of a Ukranian leader Viktor Yushchenko. Of course Russia denies it but “Que Bono”, it’s not a stretch to figure it out, the guy didn’t poison himself for sympathy give me a break. He got to chummy with the West and Russia seen him as a threat. Fast forward a decade later and we have the more recent events of Russian intervention in Ukrainian affairs. To be fair Russia is looking after it’s national interests but unfortunately at the peril of Ukraine’s. Fear of the Bear and granted it has damned sharp teeth and claws but in reality runs out of steam pretty quickly. Despite the rhetoric this isn’t the WW3 flashpoint folks think it is. If anything it will be a “low intensity” conflict with the occasional threat of something bigger. I know I sound pretty cavalier in discussing an entire peoples future and regions outcome but there it is. As for the naysayers that like to put Putin up on a pedestal and put this as an evil western action I call bullshit…. on all sides. Western interests (ie “containment”) despite all the feel good blue jeans, rock n roll, freedom and democracy is about business, there lots of coal in them thar hills in Ukraine, plenty of gas too. Russia knows and wants the same thing. Put Ukraine in the middle as the stage and lets see how this “play” plays out. The so called “separatists” or “rebels” or “terrorists” (as Kiev stupidly calls them) aren’t all locals of those areas wanting independence. Some are, to be sure, but there’s a big helping of money, material and “advisers” from “Mother” Russia. Too many nice new rifles and gear in the hands of “rebels” to say otherwise so give me a fucking break. Its just that all sides are so invested in “winning” the war of opinion they actually believe their own bullshit. Sorry RT,CNN,etc that means you.

index5/ Firearms

This should be skipped over by any of the “only police and the army should have guns” crowd. Sorry disagree with all of you with 100 percent of my being. I do believe in training for firearms owners and laws preventing violent offenders or those who have mental health conditions that could lead to violence from owning firearms. History has shown (for the record Im not an NRA member, never have been and never will be) that societies that take weapons away from the populace at large become totalitarian and start to abuse the people. End argument. Feel free to disagree, leave some evidence or start your own website. Having said that here is my new favorite firearms related company for the next while.

Ares Armor

“Ares Armor sells ar15 80% lower receivers, ar10 parts, firearm stock, upper weapon components and 1911 pistol kits to legally build-a-gun; and manufactures combat and tactical gear in nylon and Kydex.”

You may have heard of “80 percent lowers”. They are unfinished firearm lowers so not technically firearms parts. This has turned into a large DIY industry in making your own rifles,etc. Also making your own firearms is an excellent skill and survival tool. Some may also see it as a way to get around some more draconian laws in their own countries, states or whatever. Make sure YOU KNOW HOW THE LAW APPLIES TO YOU IN YOUR OWN AREA!!!!! Also I should add that doing the finishing yourself saves a ton of money!!! Suddenly those 1000 plus dollar rifles are now in the realistic realm of a few hundred.

charity6/ Social Events, Memes,Trends,etc

I thought that I should add this idea as a feature to keep track of idiotrops and “happenings”, things go on, social programming etc. Trends n what not-

The whole “ice bucket” challenge. Interesting and I think it was a great thing to raise social awareness for Lou Gherigs Disease or ALS. But are we ignoring the real killers out there?

Diseases that might not be so marketable?

The bucket crept like a slow moving chain letter making its way through our social networks and on T.V. calling out celebrities and making the human interest sections of local and national news networks. It felt good to do good. I wasn’t a fan of the packaging however. I could care less about ice water being a challenge, I was a former Infantryman and work out doors for a living.

When it comes to charity though I’m more of the do it anonymously and its a personal not public thing. C’est lavis. Not to be outdone there is THE FEARLESS CHALLENGE, #fearlesschallenge

for the Cancer Society. More challenges coming to you!! Other than that distractions such as X Factor(American Idol 2.0) are ready to distract you and think for you.

Thanks for tuning in- EvS???????????????????????????

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